A New Year Characterized By Change

Change is a word that’s so easy to throw around, a word that rhymes with stage, a word that a message/lesson/sermon is so easy to be drawn from but are we failing to see what this word actually means?

Change – “to make or become different”, “take or use another instead of” or “the process in which something becomes different”.

Honestly speaking, I did not plan to write to you all this year, in fact I did not plan to write at all. And to be even more sincere, I still do not know why I chose to write in the early hours of this morning. But I knew for me this year, one thing had to change, and that was the condition of my mind.

One thing I noticed was I have/was being incredibly selfish and I knew something had to give way or be different, not just for a period but for the duration of the year. You see, I consider myself to be a selfless person, always endeavouring to put others needs before my own, always looking for ways to help others, always sacrificing for others. But I have been selfish in not sharing the journey, the struggles, the achievements I faced in both the previous year and the year we are currently in.

2017 was a year I determined from the outset to be a year characterized by change. Change in my mental state, change in my appearance, change in my health, change in my education, change in my finances, everything! And yes, I did the usual, I wrote out all my goals and everything I wanted to achieve this year but I realised first and foremost, the thing I needed to change to start off with was my mind, as this had the potential to spark a change in everything else I planned to achieve.

Now, let me give you a brief overview into how my first month in 2017 went. Having being so so excited to cross over into the New Year, I was immediately pumped, optimistic, raring to go. Just imagine a sprinter that is so excited to set off on a long distance run, let’s say 1200m and speeds out of the blocks even before the gun sounds. Well, that was me. The events that are to follow in this race of life caught me unaware, within the first 100, I had locked ankles with someone, nearly tumbling to the ground, perspiration had already started dripping from my brow, my legs already felt heavy and arms fought against the breeze. All in the space of 100m, and unfortunately this was my story for the month of January. I went through a period of unfortunate events, a broken laptop that needed to be wiped during exam times (and no I didn’t back it up), back to back exams spanning over 2 weeks, un-budgeted money spent on repairs, disappointments by friends, unexpected deaths of loved ones, lost bank card and the list continues. To you, this may seem like nothing but for someone who set out so determined to do well in this race, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed, frustrated, disappointed. And that’s just naming a few. Now, I’m not looking for your pity or empathy, I am solely trying to get you to just have a glimpse into how the year started for me.

However, despite this all, I found a peace by doing something different this year. One of my many goals this year was to read, read, read and read. And I stumbled upon this great, amazing book. ‘The Battlefield Of The Mind by Joyce Meyer’. And 2/3 of my way through the book, I can say my life has already started changing or at least my way of thinking has.

For this month of February, as the 1st of March marks Self-Harm Awareness Day, I will be releasing posts weekly on tackling the battlefield of the mind and dealing with our own worst enemy to make sure change does follow us through in this year. I will speaking about my own personal experiences and the mental challenges I have faced as a young woman growing up.

Once again, I ask you to follow me on this journey of bettering oneself and embarking on a year characterized by change.

Yours Truly,
Praise’Gbemisola x

The Eleventh Hour 

Here we have it, the last month of this year.

11 months have passed, 339 out of 366 days have been completed, 92% of this year is done! We have 648 hours left or 38,800 minutes or to take it even further 2,332,800 seconds left. Wow! *flags off the steam coming from head*. A quick, fun bit of mathematics for you but eyyy, where’s all the time gone? I don’t know about you but my 2016 literally flew by. And it brings us here….. to the final days of the year.
It’s funny how when we reach this point, everyone just looks forward to the festivities that are to come, Christmas Day lunch, Boxing Day shopping, New Year’s Eve parties and New Years Day spent with family and friends! And don’t get me wrong, I was always that person. I desperately looked forward to concluding this term of my academic year in uni, actually looked forward to the 2 and a half hour journey home to be greeted with Christmas decorations and the comforting smell of home cooking! Having said this, this year has been a bit different for me. A whirlwind to say the least. Filled with too many lows, too many disappointments, too many trials all up against the occasional joyous moments, limited achievements and successes. It’s been such an emotional roller coaster, and some would say unfortunately this ride has not come to an end. It’s not over!


Now, this post is quite difficult to write because apart from being absent from this blog site for a while, I tend to write on lessons I’ve drawn from situations in my life, however, this lesson is one I am still currently learning or one I’m in the process of attempting to incorporate it into my life. You see, the one thing we have as this year draws to a close is time, limited yes but it’s still there for us. Something we can still tap into.  And that brings us to back to the title.


T H E   E L E V E N T H   H O U R


But what exactly is the ‘Eleventh hour’ or what is an ‘Eleventh hour miracle’?

The eleventh hour is the last hour of the day, the latest possible time, the last minute, the final time something can happen.

But how exactly does this relate to the point we are in the year? As the new year slowly creeps up on us, this final month serves as an ultimatum for something to happen or not, it stands as a specific time of change, the last opportunity before the result of a dire event, in our case the highly anticipated new year, 2017. For me, this month of December served as a final pillar of hope. An opportunity to get things right, right with myself before the end of the year and an opportunity  to not dwell on my failures and struggles but on the new opportunities and possibilities that can still arise in the coming weeks. A chance to look over my resolutions, my plans and my goals and frantically endeavor to still achieve and complete as many as I can. It’s so easy to dwell on the last tough 11 months, rather than looking positively into the last remaining month and potentially completing things that you couldn’t in the months prior. The eleventh hour for me, is the light at the end of such a long long tunnel.

The Bible even has a story on the Eleventh Hour Miracle in Matthew 20:2-16, where workers were hired at different times of the day. A specific group of workers were hired at the 11th hour of the workday and were still paid a full days wage. Seems unfair, I know. But that just shows just how important this final month is. The workers could have drowned in their sorrows, given up hope, became frustrated with their situation. Nobody wants to go through the process of applying for a job, going to numerous interviews and only getting the job at the last-minute before an event you’re due to go to or a holiday you could’ve booked. But the beauty in the 11th hour is once you’ve entered it, you forget the times of agony, the tears, you forget everything and just hold on to this beam of light, or a paycheck in their case. What happens in the 11th hour basically eradicates everything that had gone wrong before, you leave with what you should and could’ve achieved in the times before, like the case of the workers or in some instances something even greater. A solution comes just in the nick of time.

So here’s what I leave you with. Some of the most interesting moments in life come when you are loosing hope. You get that 70% on the coursework you didn’t want to submit, you lose your job and get the job of your dreams, your tight on money and a gift shows up on your doorstep, you’ve been single forever and you meet the love of your life, you have nobody and then God shows himself ever-present in your life.
Don’t dwell on the past, awful 11 months of this year but look into the last remaining month of the year. What can you put right? What can you still achieve? Can you too have an 11th hour miracle? I’m sure you can. Don’t lose hope, the end is near. No pressure 😅.


Yours Truly,
Praise’Gbemisola x

Where do we go from here? 

Even as I write this title, I feel a totally different feeling to how I felt when I addressed the last post to you all. The last post was somewhat melancholy, quite dull, pretty depressing if I say so but very brutally honest. This title is one of my most used phrases, the phrase I always seem to find slipping out of my mouth unconciously. If only you guys could be there when I utter these words, you’ll probably find yourself in a fit of giggles like I often do but let me keep this short and sweet.

I ended my last post explaining how I received a nudge or like a reality check concerning this blog. And to be honest, I was addressing my last and final blog post to you all expressing how I would no longer be writing to you. In the few months that I have been absent on here, I have been messaged, emailed, text or at times approached about my blog and how interesting/insightful it is, and although many times I overlooked it and brushed off the compliment, I recently realised maybe it wasn’t yet time to give up completely.

Confusion is probably racing through your heads right now, but let me clarify everything for you. Or rather explain in greater detail. I was recently contacted by the former ACS President in my uni about an opportunity and role he thought I would be suitable for, baring in mind my blog wasn’t something a lot of people in my uni knew about. Either way, he presented me with a great opportunity to join a group of writers from different backgrounds and different institutions of education to showcase not only the talent of African-Carribeans in modern Britain but also display their potential and build a platform of unity for ACS groups all over the country. This opportunity was one I could not refuse and one that deeply deeply humbled me. I felt so blessed and still feel so blessed to be selected and I am desperately looking forward to expressing myself on a larger platform. Now don’t get me wrong, I know this won’t be easy, and it will be a challenge in itself but it’s something I’m willing to take the risk with. Being real, honest and open is something I struggled with previously on my blog but on this new site, I will be so transparent and vulnerable in topics relating to relationships with the opposite sex as well as friendships and also my love for TV. Now without giving too much away, further details regarding when and where I will be posting my accounts will follow in future and I invite you all to join me on this new journey.

So, the question, where do we go from here? Well, we go onto bigger and hopefully better opportunities, we go on to a brand, the ‘It’s only PG’ brand but we don’t forget what started it all, my humble beginnings. So no, I am not stopping writing completely but limiting posts on this blog site to once a month with an additional post on my new platform. I will try my hardest and endeavour to keep to my promises, even though in the past I have been unfaithful.

I hope you all are as excited as I am!
Yours Truly,
Praise’Gbemisola X

The end of an era

For once, I’m writing this post to you with no direction, no ideas and no structure. I’m writing with purpose yes, but for some reason I can’t seem to process my thoughts and fingers fast enough to convey exactly how I’m feeling. My fingers don’t flow on my keypad as well as they normally do, and I’m not even looking out for opportunities to put some humour in here and there, it just all seems very different to me, as if I’m in a foreign territory.

Now, I used to end my last posts with ‘keeping it PG’ which in my mind means keeping it real. However, I have not been real to you all for awhile. I haven’t been as honest as I should have been and to be frank, I haven’t seen a reason why I should need to be. Don’t get me wrong, everything I have written has been by me, my ideas, my thoughts, my views, my lessons but I haven’t been open about where they were coming from. I haven’t been open about the feelings I’ve had concerning my blog and me writing. Now, I’m sure some of you will think ‘yeah, it’s a wrap, no more weekly doses of my blog posts’ and I hate to confirm this fear, but you’re right.

Let me take you back in time with me, to the point where I started writing. It was about 3 years ago, I remember I was facing probably my first ever real heartbreak, a close friend had betrayed me, I felt the church had failed me and to be honest, nothing seemed to be going right. So randomly, since I no longer kept a diary due to the fear of someone reading it, I decided to jot my thoughts down on my phone. I expressed how I felt about life, family, my appearance, guys, everything and that can be seen in the post ‘A chapter of a novel’. But then one day, a friend went through my phone and stumbled across this extract along with a few others and suggested I upload my thoughts onto an online diary kind of thing, a blog. Of course, being me, I prolonged it, I was scared, mindful but the only assurance I had was that it was for me, it was an essential part of my healing and growing process, so I did; unaware of the fact that in the coming months I would have a following and countless views. Now, it was all fun at first, putting out content relating to my own personal life but then it began to feel like a chore. I was constantly trying to keep up with my deadlines of having a post out a week, constantly looking out for lessons I could learn in any and every situation and forever struggling to strike the balance between being overly secretive and private. I no longer felt I could be as open and vulnerable as I once was due to the fear of being questioned or the information getting into the wrong hands. The blog was a release for me, the only thing that helped me at a time of desperate need, it wasn’t meant to be for others.

Now let’s get back to now, this exact moment in time, September 7th 2016 at 10:13am whilst I sit at my desk at work. This blog has been such a blessing for me in my life, it’s helped me become the person I am today because at times it acted as a letter and very often my only communication to God in periods where I struggled to pray. This blog has been me sharing my wounds, struggles and failures that life had beaten me with and made me so accustomed to. Now although, I am addressing this to you as an end of an era, I am certain that my faith in the journey and detours of life is not yet over but has now just taken a new direction.

So what do I want to leave you guys with? A lesson as always!

In some ways, yes you can say I’m giving up or I’m failing my regular readers and trust me, I know all of this but for me, it’s so important to be honest. I have been very discouraged, very unmotivated, very apprehensive to put myself out there again. I guess with growing older, a lot more problems are presented to you, problems detailing my future, my future life partner, friendships, health, education, employment etc. It’s no longer fun and games but more real life crisis’. The funny thing is this, the moment I wanted to give up, I received a nudge, more of an aggressive nudge, but from who? We can say life, my conscience, but I say God, and it just reminded me of how ungrateful I have been. Yes, the original plan for this blog was for myself, it was all about me, selfish I know. However I have been given the opportunity to impact people’s lives by sharing a bit about myself, and for me, that’s more than I ever bargained for and its touched way more people than I ever thought. This blog has been one of my greatest achievements, I’ve tapped into a gift and talent I didn’t even know I possessed. And for many of you that didn’t know, English was one of my weakest subjects during my GCSE’s, something I promised I would never pursue in future even though I eventually worked hard enough to be awarded an A/A*. Sometimes, the plans we have for ourselves are tiny compared to the plans God has for us and that has only been revealed to me now!

So Thank you to everyone who has supported me on my journey, you made a dream I never had for myself, materialize. You pushed me closer to my first love, God and activated another love in my life, writing. To me, love can now be described to me as when my reality is better than my dreams and through this blog and the support/encouragement and blessings I have received, I can openly say that this is my reality right now. So for that, I am and will be forever grateful to you all.


Once again, Thank you.
Yours Truly,


Praise’Gbemisola x

The 56 day wait..

Right here goes nothing, I don’t really know where to start but let’s start from somewhere.

Today, I present to you, the 56 days wait? But ohh what could this be you ask? *inserts snapchat thinking emoji* It’s funny, because this isn’t an actual post per say more a note I’ve penned, well *typed to you all detailing my latest absence.
Now, I’m sure some of you opened this post thinking it was one of those celibacy/abstinence posts on waiting to give your beloved the cookie? (Desperately hoping you all know this ‘cookie’ I’m referring to, not quite there to be a relationship/sex blogger and be graphic and all that). Anyways this isn’t a new reformed scheme to keep your partner waiting to take that relationship to the next level, it’s not a rendition on the 90 days rule from ‘Think like a man’ neither is it a plan to get that summer body, all for a cheeky bit of summer lovin’ 😉 yeah it’s not any of that, unfortunately.


Fortunately enough for you lovely people, it’s more of an apology for my latest hiatus? I think that’s what they call it? Now, if you’ve been following my blog since back in the day, 2013 or so, you’ll know I always have one of these spells, where I ‘ghost’ or I’m ‘away with the fairies’ and I can tell you, despite growing and maturing these episodes still exist. But today I don’t bring you my list of excuses, explaining how I had exams, or I’ve been unwell, or been caught up with this or that, instead I bring to you the opposite, a list of my plans, projects but also a key lesson.
Yeah, university is over, no more lectures so why am I giving lessons still? What are these lessons even about? Lol, the funny thing is, whilst lying in bed, listening to the sounds of traffic from my window, Made in Chelsea screen paused in front of me, I actually don’t know. I have no answers to your questions, I’m just writing as I usually do and hoping to land somewhere with this all. The 56 day wait was a random epiphany I had. Just scrolling through my word press app and realising it had been 55 days since my last post, and probably 56 days by the time I posted this and I was like WOW! Time really does wait for nobody….
You see, in this period yes, I was able to complete my first year exams, go to a couple of parties, engage in church activities, make several trips back home, see family etc. But I was also able to evaluate certain things in my life e.g. My blog and actually pen down ways to improve it, potential ideas, exciting projects etc. I was also able to go through my diary and see if some goals I had set for the year had been achieved. Now, the 56 day wait wasn’t something I intended to undergo, however it was something that I clearly needed. Something to re-fuel me and strike up my mind to make some changes and improvements. Now your wait may be a couple of days, weeks, months or even at one point before relaunching my blog a year.

The length of your wait doesn’t matter, however make it count. Make the results of your abscence something worth waiting for.
And with that, I sign off guys! I’m still here, and don’t you worry, you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot from me in the coming weeks. Thank you all for your continuous support.

Yours Truly,

Praise’Gbemisola x

That Statement Piece – OOTN



Right, so I’m not too sure how this works  but I’m just attempting to do my first proper fashion inspired feature. Every month or so, in my P’G Tips menu, I will explore my love for fashion, arts, design and make up, just to share a few tips with you.


Now the other night, I was in Islington in London for a pageant show which one of my best friends from university actually won and become Miss ACS UK 2016. Yes, it was a prestigious event with the contestants in their lovely evening and traditional wear and the crowd looking classy and dapper, but for me, I opted for a smart casual outfit, with comfort being my key inspiration mainly because I was travelling from far and would need to hop off one train to another. With this being said, a simple outfit can easily be dressed up and developed. After running around my local town centre, I went with my original plan of wearing a white over-sized shirt, teamed with blue jeans and went in search for a statement piece. Well to be fair, I never actually intended to include a statement piece in my outfit, I wanted my make up to do all the talking but I stumbled across this lovely clutch.

I managed to capture a few images before I left and once I had come back, thanks to my lovely little sister.

Details of how I dressed this outfit, where everything I wore/used was from will be listed below. From my makeup to my shoes.




ShirtH&M (£15.99),  JeansNewLook (£19.99), HeelsMissGuided (£12.99), ClutchNew Look (Reduced from £25 – £9), Leather JacketH&M (£14.99)


Products used;   Primer – LA Girl and Milk of Magnesia, Foundation – Lancome (13)/Revlon Colourstay (Mahogany), Concealer – MAC Studio concealer NW30, NW45 , LA Girl pro concealer in Toffee/Fawn/Warm Honey, Elf Concealer Stick in Tan, Eyebrow Pencil – Rimmel in Brown, Contour – BH Cosmetics foundation/ Sleek Contour Palette in  dark, Setting Powder – Sasha Buttercup Powder/ Ben Nye Banana Powder, Powder – MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Dark Deep, Lipstick – MAC in Sin/ Sleek in Mulberry, Lashes – Primark, Nail Polish – Poundland.



Yours Truly,





Praise’Gbemisola x

Is it too late now to say sorry? 


You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty

You know I try but I don’t do too well with apologies

I hope I don’t run out of time, can someone call a referee?

Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness

I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice

By once or twice I mean maybe a couple of hundred times

So let me, oh let me redeem, oh redeem myself tonight

Cause I just need one more shot at second chances

I’m sure you guys have heard that all so familiar song by Justin Beiber but I just thought to butter you all up abit before you express your frustrations towards me ! 
This is going to be an awfully short post today, mainly because it’s late and I’m working with a strict deadline, secondly because I don’t want to bombard you with my thoughts and lastly because this is just an apology for my 3 week hiatus.

                O v e r w h e l m e d.

That’s the best word to describe how I’ve been for the past couple of weeks. Being back home from uni, working, revising, rehearsing, socialising, just everything! But I’m so so sorry, I didn’t forget about you. Not anyone of you to be honest, I’ve just been caught up with myself and life changes. 
But I’m back guys, I’m back and I’m better.

Hoping you all enjoy the rest of your evening. 

Yours ever so truly,

Praise’Gbemisola X 




It was a late Saturday evening or early morning to be exact, and my dear friend insomnia came to visit.  Now you see insomnia, as she does tends to show up unannounced, and when she does appear for some reason, she finds it so hard to leave. Now I don’t know if that’s because I’m good company or the fact she is actually just a nuisance but it just seems like there’s no getting rid of her *rolls eyes*. Well thanks to her, I now have upgraded from carrying bags under my eyes to full sized cabin luggage, so embarrassing but nothing a stroke of concealer can’t hide. I guess it’s the night shift eyyy? 😏

Did you like what I did there? Just thought to practice my English language abit, what do you guys think? You see, the thing that’s hard about blogging, especially in uni, is that most of your thoughts or the lessons you’ve learnt tend to Center around deadlines, group work or annoying flatmates (but luckily I was blessed with a great bunch). So in that sense, finding things to write that are meaningful and lessons can be drawn from can be quite difficult. However…. Last night, I was on the phone to a ‘friend’ and we were having a conversation about one’s self. Myself and the individual were discussing how some people lose themselves in relationships. And for me, as that is an avenue I would like to journey down eventually.. A relationship that is, my goal this year was to find myself and establish myself in order to become the individual I aspire to be. And during the conversation, Unknown to the person, I began jotting down some key points. 

1) The greatest and most expensive asset you can ever own is yourself – to be in total control of yourself, your emotions, decisions is the richest thing. Think about it, putting people in control of your finances for example provides them with so much wealth.

2) Change only happens if you allow it, an individual can’t change, they develop – If you’re not willing to change, change will not occur, nobody can make you change in the same way, you can’t change anyone.

3) For you to lose yourself, you’ll be naive to the ways of time/ unexpected movement of time – Time reveals all, you don’t know what time will tell you.

4) The only person that can tell you you’ve changed is yourself, you’ve lived with yourself for how many years – You know yourself better than anyone else, you’ve lived in your body, been subject to the same mind and been controlled by the same emotions by however long, so only you know. People can only notice the development whether positive or negative in your character.

Now for me, examining one’s S E L F is essential! And yes today’s post is different and a somewhat short one, as I don’t want to bombard you with too much but for me the stage I am in my life, constantly growing, developing, learning, at times I have to sit down and look at my S E L F in the mirror. I want to work on my S E L F in order to be the best version of my S E L F, so that when people come in contact with me, male or female, friendship or relationship, they will see me and strive to be better due to the extent I’ve gone to, to  work and improve my character. Someone told me, in life 33% of people you meet and develop relationships with will be below you, 33% will be on your same level and the remaining 33% will be ahead of you! I want to fall into the last category and be the 33% people strive and work towards being like. I shouldn’t have to loose myself in a relationship, or miss my way in a friendship and most of all, I don’t want to fall short of fulfilling the plan and purpose for my life due to bad management of my S E L F.

The one thing we are in control of in this life is one’s S E L F! The only thing we have control to change, control to develop and control of in general. Today make it a mission to be yourself, be unchanged in relationships, unmoved in the company of less minded people, unshaken in the hardships of life!
Once you do that you’ll  be the wealthiest individual in the world because you own the greatest asset, you’ve made the best investment and you’ve gained the largest profit, your S E L F.

Yours truly,

Praise’Gbemisola X 


So guys, here we have it, the final edition to this whole ‘allow me to introduce myself’ series. It’s been such an interesting journey, being able to share with you and have someone else present their views too! It’s true what they say, two is better than one. But unfortunately today marks the end  of this for now anyways! A shoutout to my anonymous blogger, who in fact was a male, thanks so much! But today I’m switching it up abit, and teaming up with my childhood friend for this final post.

But wait,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone who views this blog, I’ve had over 1,000 viewers not even to talk of views which I’ve now hit the 3K mark! Woooooop woooooop. Who would have thought it eyyyy? Lil’ old me, small girl from a small town on the outskirts of London, who started this as a bit of fun! But on a serious note thank you all! Now for all you new peeps that are flicking through this for the first time, please, just please….
‘Allow me to introduce myself’ for the final time 😦 Today I had a lightbulb moment, well not today exactly but the other day. I was fortunate enough to attend the Big Clash a game show between universities and my uni just happened to be in it! And my God, guys it was  A M A Z I N G! Like I can’t even put it into words, absolutely amazing, better than any event I’ve been to. The energy, the vibe, the crowd, presenter, contestants! The atmosphere was electric and you couldn’t help but stand up and scream and get involved! And may I just add, we WON! Shout out team AU, this is for you guys. So, okay let me calm down a bit. It’s funny because they have a phrase they use in the game show “Positivity breeds happiness”! And it’s so true guys’ so today…


Allow me to introduce myself as positive vs negative! “.


Wow, so this was very last minute so I’m going to be very brief and to the point. As much as people love to promote positivity, negativity is inevitable. There will always be something that goes wrong, always a friend that turns their back on you and always people that will discourage you. HOWEVER, the key to live a positive life is dependent on how you handle the negative situations. 80% of what happens to you in life is as a result of the choices and decisions you make. You may have already noticed that life is not one straight path, things will block and fall in your path , despite the blockages you still need to keep moving forward. Life is unfair, deal with it. Bad things happen to good people , deal with it. Things don’t always go to plan , deal with it. The answer is to accept that there are blockages and let downs and find a way to overcome them. Life is full of lessons , what you may think is a let down could be God preparing you for something great. I can definitely say that some of the toughest situations brought about a stronger and wiser me. Sometimes we must go through things so we can know directly how to avoid similar situations in the future. If you don’t want to listen to good advice then you must feel the pain so you will understand. Many of us spend our time complaining about situations when we should be looking for solutions , staying stagnant when we should be making movements. From today learn to embrace change , for change is the only thing this world promises.

Now guys, this is me talking now, positivity is something hard to express at times, but it’s essential.Positivity makes way for happiness. Happiness is a feeling, a mental state of well being defined by positive or pleasant emotions which ranges from contentment to intense joy! But you see joy yeah, to me it’s a lifestyle! A state of complete, constant happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying! Now ever wonder what you have to be joyous about? Well here’s one, cliche I know but the fact you’re alive and breathing. Yeah, its so easy to adopt a negative mindset, to have that default screw face, to always be the realist in every situation. But you see, being down hearted, sad, pessimistic or realistic as you ‘smart’ people like to call it isn’t actually good. Rather than being realistic, be an activist. Activate your mind into thinking positively, activate your emotions to only bring forth happiness and joy, activate your life into taking advantage of every opportunity you come across and making the best of every situation.

Now, I have  a lil’ something for y’all, you can thank me later. If at any point you’re feeling even a tad bit sad or down in the dumps, please check out my girls YouTube channel ‘MsNigeria’, and I can assure you, you will laugh and see the good in that bad situation!


Now remember,

‘Positivity breeds Happiness’.




Yours Truly,

Praise’Gbemisola x


Yes another late post coming from me, my apologies guys, but here’s a sweet lil post for all you loved up fellows.

Now first, *Allow me to introduce myself *

But before I do, will you be my valentine?

Boom, on this ‘LOVE’ly day, I just wanted to share a quick opinion on the blackhole of a topic which is relationships. Now the first idea I wanted to address from a guys perspective, is an idiom you’ll all be familiar with (especially on a day like this) –
‘omg what did (HE) do for you?’ Or ‘omg what did (HE) get you?’ Why is it never what (SHE) did for you?
Now dont get me wrong, personally, I’ve always thought that men typically should be big contributers in a relationship (physically & mentally & all that……) – make her comfortable, support her, shower her with gifts & more to make her happy.
But at the same time it works both ways.
If I give you 100% of myself and you only give me 50% of yourself back then I’ve lost half of myself.
It means I’m 50% less complete than when I gave to you.
In a relationship you’re BOTH meant to complete each other – give back the same percentage your other half gives you and even more as well. If that system continues then you’ll both never be incomplete and neither will your relationship.
Also, if it’s ‘love’ you wont need to calculate, – the amount to give will just be second nature to you.

Yes, so you’ve all realised, the cat is finally out of the bag, its actually been a male that has been writing to you for the past 2 weeks. Weird right? But here’s my take on things.

For all you lovers out there, Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

What a time to be alive and loved? Best feeling eh? I’m hoping between unwrapping your gifts, reading your cards, eating your chocolates, going to your lunches and dinners you can find just a lil’ bit of time to read this post today dedicated to those who have made the commitment to love and be loved. LOL, without going into tooo much detail into my own relationship status in a bid not to jinx anything, this V’day has probably been my best one yet, why? Well that’s for me to know and you not to find out just yet LOL.

Anyways, as you all know I have a habit of rambling and making each post incredibly L O N G. Well not today, I too want to spend time with my loved ones, even though I’m at university, and appreciate the gift of love. Now, this post has been inspired by my Pastor at church in Uni. Shout out to Pastor Dan!

So lets cut straight to it, the other voice on the blog spoke about always thinking about ‘What (HE) did for you or What (HE) gave you’, and I hate to say it females, we are quite guilty of this. Its so easy to get caught up in the material things, lust over the things a guy can give you or you can receive. That takes me to a sermon we had in church a few weeks ago, the idea of love vs lust. And still being in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. I want to just try to evaluate it.

Now love verses lust. The true meaning of love for me is hard to define, however I realise that when you love someone or something you need to do something. Love is a decision and actually not a feeling, love is constant, it doesn’t change. In essence it is actually a process of elimination to get to love, the survival of the fittest, but the most important thing is love GIVES. Like I said before, us females, girls, women, we often lust after things we can be given, the things he can reward you with, the things he can shower you with but the sad truth is when the lust runs out, what are you left with? You see, lust is unintentional, there’s no effort required, its involuntary, it just happens, lust is now but sadly lust never gives, it TAKES. Pretty deep I know, but sometimes we need to look at ourselves, especially on days like this and realise that the beauty is not in receiving, its in giving. Love is a deliberate, intentional pursuit done consciencely and intentionally characterized by deliberation. Now ladies and even men, we are worth far more than unintentional gifts, effortless pursuits, we are GEMS!

Now make the decision to start with yourself, love starts from ourselves. We can then be open to love and be loved. And for all you singletons out there, use this day as an opportunity to express your appreciation and show your love to your family and friends. And don’t worry, by next year I’m sure you’ll all be wifey’d up and chilling with bae and what not!


Once again, Happy Valentines Day Y’all!



Yours Truly,



Praise’Gbemisola x