A chapter of a novel

Blogging. Writing. Recording. Listing. Note taking. Diary. Whatever you want to call it, well….. That wasn’t the initial direction I wanted to take. No, I don’t think I’m very interesting as an individual and neither do I think I’m a pro but for some reason, I had this urge to write as a 17 year old growing up in the 21st century. I had this crazy crazy idea that maybe one day, I could write and publish a book, the genre or direction I would take was still unknown but I decided to just write, and wowww, as soon as I out pen to paper it just began flowing and here’s where it took me.

“Being the middle child, all responsibliy somehow finds it’s way to you, you don’t have the advantages and privileges of the elder one and neither the love and shelter that the younger gets which can be difficult. It’s me, cleaning, tidying trying to keep the house in order but how can I when my life is a mess. The old me is nomore, the same me that would wake up bright and early in my childhood days to make sure everything is set for the day, the same me that would stay up till ungodly hours in the morning to wash the dishes that I hadn’t eaten from, the me that would take it upon myself to clean and tidy each and everyone’s individual rooms whether it was my duty or not. But now with all these things going on in my mind, I find it extremely hard to even clean my bedroom, I’ve resorted to a wardrobe on my bed, literally picking what I feel to wear whereas before I would colour coordinate my wardrobe and make sure it was in tip top shape. That takes me onto my body, my appearance. From a young age. I’ve loved all things beauty. Although my mum likes the simple pleasures of life, I love the luxuries, the things that make you look good. The make up, the heels, the clothes, the hair, all things fab. So I chose the artificial lifestyle and started my journey right from year 7, if not before. And yes, I’ve progressed from my blue eye shadow days and over Vaselined lips to layers of foundation, the occasional attempt at highlighting, the false eyelash look etc. but the journey has not at all been easy. I’ve been one people would tag as ‘perfect’ yes, I may not have the smoothest most even skin tone but I was blessed with minimal blemishes and a somewhat curvy figure. But to me, curvy means fat and not being able to be cautious with food consumption. Taking my petite frame of a mere 5ft 2 or so inches in height, I believe shows more on a smaller surface area, and there’s my problem, the rate and depth at which my mind thinks is crazy, if only I could apply this much thought process to my A Level Studies”

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x




  1. Awww Praise. This is sooo good!! I can’t stop reading your biographies. Like seriously, you’ve got an incredible talent. God will continue to equip you IJN!! Love you bubs xxx

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