Huh? But where’s Worship?

*rolls eyes*

Why do people genuinely sound so confused when I give them a reply that generates the response, that “Huh, but where’s Worship?”. What do you mean where’s Worship? How do you expect me to know… you must think I have a tracking device on this so called individual called ‘Worship’ but here’s the thing…. I don’t.

I can’t help but literally laugh out loud when I’m asked my name and I reply saying “Praise” and people immediately think my other half is missing or I’ve missed out a major part in my life story. But what is this gap in my life story, well unknown to me, I should be a twin according to some African Aunties and Uncles and a fair share of youngsters. The belief that my mother carried 2 babies in her womb for 9 months and delivered healthy babies, one female (me) and the other… Well the gender not specified. The whole theory humours me, because I’m sure somewhere out there my long lost twin will be looking for me, the same way I’m looking for them. But until we cross paths, I will continue my journey as a single foetus and embrace life as an individual before someone else gets thrown into the picture.

But wait, let me back track for abit, my audience.. I totally forgot, some of you may not get the whole Praise/worship thing and to be quite honest, it’s only recently I found the deeper meaning for those words but that’s for another post….

So this Praise and Worship, what is it? Well in Pentecostal churches especially, there’s a period in the service where all that is done is singing and dancing. The Praise part is where upbeat, lively, danceable songs are sung and Worship… Well the opposite, slower, thoughtful and somewhat depressing melodies are played from the choir stand. Although that’s not the actual meaning, we’ll stick to these simpler associations for now…

So there you have it, Praise and Worship. But let me add fuel to the fire and drop my own joke in…

So we’ve got Praise… But where’s Worship and Offering and Thanksgiving? Lool, I guess the search certainly continues…
This is going to be a very very long but funny ride…

But yes, no need to cover your ears, it’s all PG,

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x






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