Nature at it’s best

It’s hard to get some time out and just take in the things around us. There’s a lot around us that we honestly don’t even notice. Is it that we don’t see it or we’re busy thinking and focusing on other things? Well, for me it’s the second one. It baffles me sometimes to find just how much us humans think and evaluate things. Is there a day that goes by that we’re not thinking about one thing or another? Of course not. Whether it be what to wear or what we’ll be having for lunch or planning how you’d dodge the teacher who’s work is in next lesson. But for once, I got to focus on just one of the things that matter to me. So go on, take a guess………

Well before I reveal the answer, let me give you a brief insight into the adventure I went on today. Are you sitting comfortably? … Then I shall begin.
The school bell chimed as the minute hand hit the hour and the noise echoed in the still air, as the sun rays brought the playground to a standstill. The light rays sneaked into the dark classroom through holes in the translucent, dusty, somewhat old blinds and the reflection appeared on the whiteboard which had been scribbled on by the teacher instructing us on the task we were to carry out. Looking up, I caught the eye of a female classmate, and without saying anything I knew immediately she was in consensus with what I was about to do but for some reason her approval did not seem quite satisfying so I resorted to shrinking in my chair, my mind wandering to the thoughts of the art work I was to submit in the coming hour…..

Are you bored yet? Looool, let me get straight to the point. So today, as part of my A2 Biology preparation we went on a small field trip to a local nature reserve to conduct a bug count. Why? I don’t know. Did I actually achieve the goals set…. Well to some degree yes, as I identified one invertebrate but one out of how many. Laziness is certainly real. But now the interesting bit….. Nature.

To be quite honest, I can’t really say I’m a nature person, or I was. I would prefer to stay in the comforts of my home, or bedroom specifically and observe the species of animals and scenes from my bedroom window or rather account for the new not so skinny genes I had recently purchased. Skinny genes? Get it.

So yes, the scene. My God, it was absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking to see that areas like these are reserved just for the public to admire and acknowledge Gods creation. It is true that everything on this earth is created in Gods image, how he managed it in 7 days I honestly don’t know. Nature is something around us that we tend to forget, it’s something we often disregard and take advantage of. Maybe the summer days are adding to the beauty of grasslands, and lakes etc. but notwithstanding life outdoors is picturesque. The stillness in the waters, the healthy plant life and quiet insects and birds occupying it, it simply makes you lost for words. I never understood the beauty of nature until nature saw the beauty in me, the beauty in the way I had been created to be able to see, smell, hear and touch everything around me. The gift of life is so precious, and being able to share this earth with not just people but animals, nature, seas etc. reminds us of how God destined it to be. The Garden of Eden is real, and today I was fortunate enough to experience it.

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x







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