Keep your grass low

I have no doubt that this will be one hell of a summer. The scorching temperatures, countless opportunities for fun, trips to exotic locations and just increasing leisure activities whether alone or accompanied by friends. Well for me, mine is sure to be like that, regardless of whether the bipolar nature of our world is in consensus with it or not, I’m determined to have the best time. So whether it be raining day in and day out or a heat wave you’ll see me out there so kept watch. But I want you to do something for me? Right now, this instance, get up from where you are, it could be from in front of the tv or in bed, just like me; get up and look outside at your garden.

My garden? You may ask, and yes your garden. Look out and observe the length of your grass. What the —-. Just wait, I know where I’m going with this, I just need a picture to form in your heads. So yes, after observing your grass length, you can return to where you were seated.

I’m sure many of you will literally think I’ve lost the plot, and to be quite honest with you, I can’t agree with you more but there’s a lesson I’m hinting towards. Recently, there’s this phrase that’s been going around “be careful of snakes”. And I’m like yh, that goes without saying, everyone should know snakes aren’t very nice creatures. And here’s the bit that baffles me, the so called snakes that people are referring to are actual human beings. Huhhh? Wait, wait, wait, common homosapiens, the same humans God created on the 6th day. Now I’m lost. What about the human body resembles that of a snake? Unless you have super dry, ashy, scaly skin, I really don’t get this association with these reptiles. But here’s the thing, these people are so so right.

There’s something about snakes that strike me. Have you guessed it? Well some snakes like in areas where there’s high grass, so like fields or areas in forests. And before this I never knew why? Then I went to the bible, John 10:10 says “A thief comes in the night to steal, to kill and to destroy”. So snakes kill and destroy but that’s not what struck me about this verse. It was the fact that thieves come at night. Why? Is it not night time that it’s dark, you can’t see, it’s a time of rest, so in many respects you’re switched off. This relates to snakes in the sense that these snakes living in these tall grasses can’t actually be seen, they can’t be smelt, sometimes heard but this is where our senses fail us.

Recently, after reassessing my friendship group, I came to realise that these human snakes are real. Scary stuff right? Well yes, some people don’t have the best intentions for you, enemies of progress they call them or bad minds. Similar to snakes and thieves they catch you unaware, they are spontaneous with their attacks and simply quite heartless. Some may appear nice but you realise they aren’t all they seem, others are shady in the way they share information and a growing number are actually just looking for an opportunity to attack you, maybe not physically but emotionally. So why should we fill our lives with these high grasses, so these snakes can live in them unknown to us, I’d much rather keep my grass low so I can see what lives in it, what lives in my life, the people I surround myself with and the end goal. Why fill your life with gossip, malice, hate, bitterness? It’s really not worth it. These snakes are real, very real and just like an attack from a real life snake, it’ll leave you scarred and injured for a long time, is it really worth surrounding yourself with people that have the potential to do this to you? We’ve really got to be careful when choosing our friends or even staying in a group, don’t be restricted to one box. If something isn’t right, if your spirit is not settled, it’s best to leave. Whether that leaves you on your own or just with one other person, remember you’ve got a friend in God.

Even reading back through this, I’m trembling myself but it’s important to surround yourself with people, friends, family, classmates who bring the best out in you, who compliment you, who share the same vision as you, who encourage you to do better and not the opposite. I’m still only young but by addressing issues such as snakey friends now when life is still somewhat simple can only prepare you for what is yet to come.

There’s no need to filter any information because it is all PG.

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x












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