What’s the circle of trust?

The circle of trust basically refers to your friendship group, right? But I’ve grown to realise that my circle of trust seems to be different.

Everyone’s always going on about ‘keeping your circle tight’ or ‘keeping your circle small’ but I realised I havent got a circle at all. Yeah, yeah, I give you this opportunity to laugh, and in many ways that’s why I created this blog. I’ve got a handful of people that I regard as friends, the others are just associates. It’s got to the stage in my life where I can literally count my friends on one hand. This excludes my sisters of course who are literally my ride or die. But yeah, I keep my so called circle so small. And why? To be quite honest I don’t know. I’ve recently had this conviction that there is no point in having such a big group. There will always be people closer than others, always secrets, always this and always that, it’s pointless. So I’ve resorted to creating my own shape of friendship group, and I know some of you will find this hilarious but it’s just a mere straight line.


Excuse the gaps in this illustration, but why have a circle when you can have a straight line. Just like chemistry, and referring to the hydrocarbon chains, straight chains can pack together more closely and hence are solids. So that’s what I’ve got, a straight chained friendship group. This consists of people who are like minded to me, share the same visions as me are hardworking, and share the same beliefs, the list is endless. Our straight chain means we can support each other and hold onto each other during this journey of life. Friendship isn’t about how many years you’ve known each other, or how close your families are, that doesn’t mean a thing, it’s all about the depth of the friendship.

I’ve been so so blessed to have a tight, friendship group, we come from different walks of life, go to different schools, are from different countries, but have the same foundation, we were all brought up in the ways of The Lord.
One in particular is my other half, my babes of life, my Iyawo, my better half, the bone to my bone and flesh of my flesh. I’m sure she’ll be reading this and will literally be blushing, and yeah black people don’t blush but she’s my yellow bone, my lightie. It’s weird how someone can become more than a friend that’s why I don’t class her in my straight line of friendship, she’s a sister. Someone who can account for me, finish my sentences, pray for me and pray with me, revise with me, literally do anything and everything with me. Before her, I clearly didn’t have friends because she taught me what a friend is and what a friend should be. Other than the fact she was the one pushing me to start this blog, she’s my number one fan, always supporting and rooting for me but still in the position to correct me. Dont get me wrong, all friendships get turbulent, we argue but argue in love and even at this moment, I’m pretty sure she’s annoyed with me right now about one thing or another but that’s to show that nobody is perfect and neither is a friendship. We are all a work in progress. I thank God for bringing her to my life, it’s a union I’m so grateful to have.

So why keep a big group when the majority are snakes or unfriendly friends. Lool, unfriendly friends, that’s a new one Praise, you really are adding words to your vocabulary, and trust me I am. The bible even makes reference to unfriendly friends, warning us on people who plot against us. Even Jesus was betrayed “You aren’t one of this man’s disciples too, are you?” she asked Peter. He replied, “I am not.” (John 18:17 NIV)”. So if Jesus’s own friend, betrayed him, what makes you think yours won’t?

The tone of this post isn’t to alarm you, or make you question the friends you find around you but it is very important to distinguish between friends and associates. A good friend is more loyal than a brother. How many of these do you have around you ? Friends are only here to make this journey in life easier, but the greatest friend is God. Don’t invest so much in a friendship that is not of him, after all, it is you that will account for yourself in the Day of Judgement. Is it really worth it?

P.S. Big shoutout to my babygirl. Don’t worry I won’t bait you out but I just want you to know I love and appreciate you. I know I can never repay you for the times you’ve been here for me and supported me but I know God can. Keep up the good work girl, your reward is waiting for you.

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x






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