A section from a novel

This weekend has been ‘hella’ busy, from having people over to dying and colouring my sisters hair to watching the Nigerian match, helping my Mum pack; I’ve found myself caught up in all this and couldn’t even spare a minute to blog. Blogging takes a lot longer than people think and even longer than I previously anticipated. But that can’t stop me, oh no….

What I’ve got for you is a continuation from the first chapter of a novel, it does not directly link as I had to filter certain sections due to my audience (Aunties from church) but I hope you enjoy it all the same…..

“Just like a designer or a manufacturer, it’s things, items you’re passionate about that you spend a long time creating, right? Because you want it to be a reflection of you, of your skill, yes? So then my theory is right, it’s these beautiful people God spends a lot of time creating, and thumbs up to them, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. And from there we’re directed to our next subject matter, the boys, the opposite sex, our future baby daddies, our future husbands, the bone of our bones and flesh of our flesh, but the biggest title in this generation, our biggest critics. Guys will stroll our streets, solo, in groups or in cliques simply looking for their next prey, whether it be a beautiful girl or a girl that let’s face it, just isn’t it. They’ll sight from a distance, lock onto them, their gaze fixed on the item, wait for the subject to draw closer, maintain a position that perfectly accentuates their good looks, squint their eyes a little, and simply stop and stare, no comment at first just simply relying on sight. Making use of their senses at least even though they may appear senseless. So the subject approaches, they give the fine babes a wink or drop a comment like you’re buff, or yo my size, what you saying which in English means hello, how are you or what’s up? But wait… An average girl or a girl who isn’t really blessed in the looks department as of yet, they’ll drop a comment like she’s clapped or Lowe that man meaning she’s ugly and they’ll leave her and rather commence onto a new project. So following this episode, the boys will gather in a pack like formation and simply discuss and deliberate on the girls they had seen, rating, slating, laughing, commending, condoning etc. and then simply return to their supposed everyday life. Hahaha……. I didn’t want to go into this but I can hear the screams and cries from girls that have been victims of this abuse and they’re asking me to shut this down, so girls whether it’s you or simply my schizophrenic nature I’ll result to shutting down all these claims. Boys, if you’re at all offended it means you simply were being too nosy and reading a book that is not intended for you but thankyou for reading this far, we’ll be happy to miss you and your comments but bye…. Okay, let’s be real I’m sure you’ve still got this book in your hand so I promise to be nice yet truthful. The truth sets us free at the end of the day, even the bible backs me up on that”

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x




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