Away with the fairies

Wow, wow, wow….. A whole month away from you guys? I can only write this post with my sincere apologies and so much disappointment in myself.

It’s really true, I’ve been away with the fairies. Loool, the fairies being my thoughts, emotions, events etc. all of which have been having in the past month or so. Rather than carrying you guys through my journey, I’ve been so engrossed in all my current affairs, I haven’t had time to even catch my breath. But again, that’s not an excuse. It’s wierd, my intention was to blog everyday, once I knew that couldn’t happen due to my busy schedule of A Levels, I decided I’d blog every other day, and again that turned into a week. I just don’t know, there’s no right and wrong when it comes to thoughts or things happening but for some reason I felt I didn’t want to impress my deep emotions and down moments on a blog that was meant to be encouraging and in fact achieve the opposite. But then I realised, there’s something so special and unique about the way we’ve been made. And no, I’m not gunna go all spiritual on you but there’s no one person on this earth who hasn’t experienced the same or even similar things to another. So by me holding back what’s been going on in my life, keeping things to myself, rather than helping me, it’s being weighing me down. And now you see, there’s only soo much one person can carry, only soo much load one individual can bear… I’m sure some of you are thinking about my physique and thinking, you’re tiny, 5 ft 2 or so and petite but boy, am I strong! I dunno where I’m packing these muscles but let me just say this, let my appearance not deceive you. I often carry more than my own body weight, you know them times your parents go to do African food shopping and bring back a big bag of Jolly Boy (which is rice btw for all my non Nigerians), well since I come from a family of only girls, excluding my father of course, it’s always me who results to carrying a 40 or so kg bag of rice from the car to the house. And although it’s not at all easy, it’s just to show you boys that everything you do, we can surely do it better, but that’s for another post 😉

Anyways, back to the last few months, so there was a lot I was carrying, a lot I’ve been holding in and it’s only recently one of my good friends told me it’s better for me to share it. Because in sharing, the burden becomes less to bear. Prayer, became something difficult for me to do because I was so downhearted and discouraged but I discovered we were not put on this earth alone, prayer changes everything and it really does but it’s okay to feel like you’re so down in your spirit that you find it difficult to utter a few words of thanks or just have a conversation with God without the water works starting which was and probably always will be me, but ask parents, family, friends to pray for you. Trust me, before you realise things will already begin changing.

And again, another confession to make, I am not at all perfect, in fact I’m perfectly imperfect because I’m a sinner, we all are and we can only aspire, pray, try, endeavour to become better. I always end my blog posts with something, did you guess it? Well we ain’t got time to be playing the guessing game but usually I end with “It’s all PG” or “Keep it PG” something along them lines. No, I’m not referring to movie ratings but rather myself, 2 out of my 10 names are Praise Gbemisola, therefore to me it simply means keeping it real, speaking the truth, yes I may filter a lot but I want this blog to be raw, truthful, after all what other purpose can it serve. So again, there’s my apology.

From now on, I’ll be making the conscious effort of blogging on Sunday evenings and Thursday afternoon/evenings, sometimes you may be in for more but for now that’s what I will try to keep to. Please guys, I need your comments, your opinions, topics you want to discuss. Most things I write will be about my life or what I’m going through but I’m interested in yours too.

Have a lovely lovely evening, I’m still yet to have mine as I am travelling back home after a quick trip to London but stay blessed.

It’s all PG,

Love Praise’Gbemisola x



  1. Glad to see you write again. Keep it coming it doesn’t have to be many words especially if you want to write often.
    Lots of love.

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