Work hard, play hard

I can’t lie, these past 6 or 7 weeks we’ve been on summer holidays haven’t been short of drama, busy schedules, being here and there. It’s crazy!

From coming back from a trip abroad to finding myself blick (lol), to going to work everyday at a call centre 4 train stops away, to having my bestie practically living with us, to my sister travelling abroad and my dad going on a desert safari. It certainly hasn’t been short of busy! But for some reason busy is me. Even now currently, I’m sat here in the dark on a sofa somewhere in Milton Keynes, just woken up after a 4 hour nap, hence the reason for such a late post. But anyways with one eye open and the other still slightly closed, trying to maximise any remaining traces of sleep, I’m managing to record my thoughts to you!

So yes, the holiday has gone far tooo quick, but it’s only this weekend that I realised for once, I needed to relax, catch my breath and try to be in a good head space before going back to college. So what did I do? Some of you will be like Praisee, why? And I’ll just reply as what? Come on, you can guess it? …….. I’d just say why not? LOL! So anyways I organised a trip down to Milton Keynes aka MK with a group of 6 other girls to just come and chill for the weekend. But let me not lie to you, a house full of teenage, hormonal girls can only result in one thing…. Conflict and confrontation. If we’re not complaining about bathroom space, we’ll complain on the activity to do or, who used up all the hot water and things like that. Girls, you’ll know what I’m taking about. You always have that one friend who will wake up late and still think they deserve the liberty of spending an hour in the bathroom minus doing their hair or makeup! And yes, you’ve guessed it, I’m not innocent either but coming from a family of only girls, I know it’s survival of the fittest when it comes to getting ready etc. it’s true what they say about early risers, so unfortunately that’s what I’ve now resorted to. Calm, right?

Okay, I seem to be rambling, anyways after a trip to the beach, West Wittering Beach in West Sussex yesterday, we felt we wanted to celebrate the end of the summer holiday and eat into the new academic year. That may not make sense to you but I know I’m sorted food wise for the next day or so. So coming back into MK, we saw an American diner called Buddy’s USA. My God, it lived up to it’s name. The decor, the staff, the music and the bloody portion sizes. Americans love they’re food! Wow. So there’s me, my small petite frame of 5 ft 2 or so trying to attempt to finish a 3 course meal, something I eventually achieved after 2 and a half hours lol, probably my biggest schievement to date. Why? Well anyone who knows me will know I’m a fussy eater, added to my fussiness I don’t tend to eat a lot simply because I get full and bloated after a small meal (even medium fries from McDonalds 😦 ) but yes. So I wanted to challenge myself, and luckily I hit my target but my girls struggled, and struggled and struggled. Something that I must admit was so funny to watch.

And what’s my point of this post you may ask? It’s only now I’ve realised how important it is to work hard during the academic year and play hard during the holidays. There’s a time for everything and just like Paul told Timothy “Treasure the days of your youth….”. It’s these days we begin to build memories and it’s these same days we will never get back. The life of children is carefree, I’m getting to the age where my responsibilities have begun to grow and I’m no longer my parents sole responsibility, I’m mine also.

So please, don’t work too hard without having any intention to slow down. It’s okay to have down days or off days, after all we deserve it!

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x


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