So my readers, my fam, friends, enemies, church members, every single one of you!

We have hit the jackpot YAYYY! This post should probably have come out the day I hit the great 1K views but I felt to share it on Sunday, as that’s my normal blogging day!

Guys, I don’t know where to start…… But I guess I have to find somewhere, and for once I’m not emotional! We thank The Lord right LOL

*sigh* Heres the thing, when I started this blog, I didn’t really have a vision as to where I wanted it to go or the direction I wanted to take. I was just writing, most times writing rubbish or recording the thoughts from my head. A blog was something I never thought I’d have. Not that I hate bloggers but the only blogs I really saw were fashion or make up related blogs which evidently wasn’t really my field or interest back then. But 3/4 months on, here I am! Still blogging, and having no intention to stop.

Writing and delivering my thoughts to you was more of something I was doing for myself, to get rid of some of the burdens I had been carrying and lift the heavy weight on my heart. As I’ve said numerous times, last year was a very trying time for me. Yeah, you may say I’m only 17 and all that, but you’d be surprised what us teens go through nowadays, you’d be pleasantly surprised in fact. And the thing is, we often find ourselves in situations where we can’t speak out, or even if we do, we are in fear of who gets hold of that information. Anyways, I put all these worries at the back of my mind and just needed to find some healing within myself. Other than the obvious comfort And encouragement I got from my church and family/friends I found a peace and security in my blog. The ability or gift to relay your emotions and thoughts to a wider audience is one that cannot be described as easy however it deals with issues within yourself before addressing and helping another. So it all starts with you.

Not only that, this blog has been very rewarding, comments, text messages, encouragements, jokes all made in reference to my blog has shown me I am somebody with a talent, a talent people appreciate. And let me tell you, that is one of the greatest feelings. Although I’m still travelling and journeying down the path of self discovery, I’ve managed to learn and find out more about myself through writing to you guys. And honestly, the support network I’ve received from this blog, has encouraged me and motivated me to want to do more, to empower people, to give people a hope, let them know they’re not alone and just advice them. And trust me, I’m not a teacher, or preacher or anything, I’m a child, a sinner just like many of you, but the difference with me is that I have an inner beauty that radiates and gives me wisdom and knowledge above my years, one reason being through my experiences and the second through God. After all, it’s all down to him.

So I just want to say a big big thank you for journeying with me through the past 4 months, the journey has been more and far better than I previously anticipated! Thank you for being a part of my journey and I can only hope and pray I will be a part of yours. I love and appreciate all you guys! Keep reading, keep commenting and bring all your suggestions to me! I would love to here from you guys. Thank you all again for your support.

Here’s to bigger, greater and much better things!

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x

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2 for 1 deal

Okay, as promised, I’m giving you two for the price of one this evening! But before committing to it, I should’ve had a plan in place -_-. All you people that think blogging is easy, you couldn’t have got it more wrong.

Anyways, today I finally got a photographer for my blog posts, and although I’m still sticking to taking pictures with my Iphone, it just felt more real to me! Haha, but yes, positive movements, positive movements! Haha! I dunno what to address on this post but I can only say what I’m feeling and let me just apologise for my humour, I’m currently working on 3 hours sleep from the previous night!

So anyways, like I pointed out in my last post tonight, I’ve been so so so happy lately and no, there’s no boys it involves or girls for that matter, I’ve just been taking time to appreciate the people I have around me, the talents I have, and just the things I love. For so long, I was dwelling on people mistreating me, people that I am glad to say are no longer in my life, I was dwelling on previous failures and let downs, dwelling and being critical of myself, my body, my look! And finally, I can see I’m just loving life, living with not a care in the world. Now, see I’m still yet to find Worship, aswell and Thanksgiving and Offering but that’s okay, I don’t mind! And I’m still yet to get to my target weight and body type but again, it’s fine! I’m still yet to complete my final year of A Levels and although it’s not fine, I know it will be!

Now, if any of you have my in snapchat you’ll know tonight I did the 5 things I hate tag thingy, and although there’s a lot more I hate, there’s even more things I love! I always say, I hate hate hate negativity, I hate negative energy but I know at times that’s what I give out. It’s so weird how we can have soo many conflicting emotions but for some reason the more negative seems to over loud the positive. But no, that’s no longer with me, hell NO! For once I’m going to let the positive outshine the negative, and see where that takes me! You see, you don’t know Jack if you don’t know Jesus! And Jesus just adds that special spice to your life! Don’t let man mash up your life, don’t let girls mash up your life! Get rid of people like that and surround yourself with love, happiness and positivity!

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x


Are you ready?

I know this post was meant to go up over an hour ago, well all of you close to me will know I have a Sunday ritual, as it even says in the Bible “Sunday is the day of rest”, well I take that day to the extreme, I do all my chores on Sunday night and literally just laze around on Sunday afternoons, and I have my weekly Sunday nap! Today, I was loving mine abit too much and got carried away but here I am! All ready for you guys!

Now I’m back to my more thoughtful posts, and seeing as I didn’t post on Thursday (lost track of the days in the week), today you are in for 2 posts! Let’s just hope my phone doesn’t die mid typing (20% alert -_-).

I didn’t really have a specific direction for this blog this evening, but I’m just sat here in bed asking myself that am I actually ready for the things that are soon to come in my life? I know I’m currently in such a good place, everything for once seems so good and I’m incredibly happy but is this a joy that will last till death? Well I honestly hope so, and I know I will continue to make the conscious effort to remain this way! I know many of you will read this title and think I’m referring to the rapture and the coming of Christ, and now although that is not really the direction I’m taking, I guess it relates to this indirectly.

Yesterday, I was opportuned to go on a University open day at Loughborough, and it finally dawned on me that I’m leaving the nest! But I thought to myself am I ready to live alone, in a town I don’t know, with people I don’t know, studying a course I currently know little about. But for some bizarre reason I wasn’t fearing the unknown I was more excited for it. Looking around the accommodation I was just like, am I ready to have to compromise my high standards and live in a tiny room, something I’m not currently used to and have minimum wardrobe space, and I know a lot of you girls that are not yet or even at uni can relate.

That takes me on to my next point, the future after that! Now you see, being soon to be 18 and all, a relationship or whatever isn’t exactly what I’m going in search for but it’s something that will always be on my mind? That will I find someone that compliments me, someone that can hold me down! Some of us ladies need someone like that, and I sure know I do! But when I see all my friends in relationships currently, although a part of me would want the same happiness they seem to find in a relationship, the other part just asks myself again that am I ready for the commitment, the arguements, the demands and expectations that comes with a relationship? Am I ready for all of that? And most importantly do I even need that. And to me, the answer I always find myself concluding to is NO! I’m in no rush! You see, the past year or so, I’ve learnt a very very valuable lesson. And what is it you may ask? It’s inevitable that in life we will experience things, it’s inevitable that things cannot always remain good however things can be avoided! There are certain experiences you don’t need to go through, and the reason we find ourselves journeying down paths of sexual immorality or lust or jealousy or greed is because of our own selfish desires. And then when we get discouraged or hurt, we ask ourselves why! And I too, I am terribly guilty of this. Learning from others mistakes is like something you are getting for free because you yourself do not need to experience it, learning from other mistakes is one of life’s best teachers. I always say one thing, I don’t want even my enemies to go through what I have, I don’t want my friends or family too either because they don’t need to! It can be avoided by looking at my life and my experiences and choosing not to want to experience the same! Unfortunately this statement tends to lie with relationships especially! And that is why I ask myself time and time again, that am I really ready? “What does it profit a man, to gain the whole world but loose his own soul – Mark 8:36”. Mate, it profits you nothing! What does it profit you to have a relationship that you see as good but loose yourself in the process! Are you ready for that right now, when you have other priorities? Ask yourself?

And finally, the biggest one, are you really really ready for the future. Marriage, having children, being in the profession you aspired to! This question for me, I know it is currently no and will probably remain this way until I’m journeying down the aisle or in the labour ward! And it’s not that I’m not prepared but I myself know I have a lot of things to put in place within myself before I go down that route. Things like what you may ask? Well, qualities such as patience, reasoning, selflessness, agape love, forgiveness, calmness! All these things, I need to instill within me before I even begin to think of marriage or child birth because if you don’t have things already in place in yourself, well you have a lot of work to do. Just think about this, mornings where you would wake up early to cook your husband breakfast while having an infant you are still breast feeding, whilst thinking about the state of the house and completing the project your company is currently working on. In situations like that, if you don’t prepare and practice now, what makes you think you’ll be ready in even 10 years time. You can’t turn a hoe or lazy person into a housewife and you can’t turn a player into a husband. Unless you make conscious and informed decisions to change and better yourself, you will remain that way. And of course, the foundation you need is based on your relationship with God. That will make all things easier and “all things work together for your good – Romans 8:28”. Get your spiritual life where it needs to be, be solid in your faith! This is so so important because with this, you’ll be ready before you know it! Yes, everyone is a work in progress and I’m still an individual under construction but I know I’ll get there, and you should too!

It all boils down to preparation, even the rapture it all comes down to living a holy life that is “acceptable and pleasing to God”. It’s not that you should only prepare when the time is near, but prepare at all times, so if Jesus was to come now, you wouldn’t be running around thinking where do I start. I remember when I was sitting my Year 6 SATS, all those years ago LOL and an uncle told me “Prayer preparation prevents poor performance”! And wow, these 5 P’s have stuck with me, even more recently before completing my AS studies, another Uncle said “Prepare like you haven’t prayed and pray like you haven’t prepared”. This statement here is like a mind game, in essence it’s saying one thing, when you are reading for an exam you read a lot, so you should read like you haven’t prayed, and pray like you haven’t read! This can apply to everything! Prayer and praise will always remain key to everything but you need to put your work and efforts in.

Now, that’s enough of me rambling but now ask yourself, “Am I Ready” for the things that are to come in my life. If not, begin to prepare and put things in place now.

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x



Orange is the new black

I’m sure many of you will read the title of this post and think you’ve got it all figured out. I’ll be commenting on the new American programme that’s become a worldwide phenomenon. Well, I hate to break it to you but that’s not it, at all at all. If anything there is no relation there. Sorry guys! It’s not that I haven’t watched the programme…. Well if you count 2 minutes but my God it was…. Well it was…. What word can I use? Interesting. Very interesting to say the least.

So today’s blog, as a continuation of my post, I’m looking at things that make me happy, so I mentioned the whole make up thing, then gave you guys 5 tips on being happy and now today’s a fashion one or wardrobe. Now before I start, I’m in no way a model or fashionista, I’m new to all of this but it’s something I’m very much interested in, due to my love of art and textiles, a course in currently studying at A2. So yeah, here goes….

Like I said in a previous post, me working over summer providing me with so many opportunities to express and show more of myself. It’s not that I wasn’t doing it before but I felt restricted asking my parents for money all the time, which even though they didn’t mind, as they never really allowed me to touch my own money, it became too much for me. Sometimes going through the process of asking for money, then being asked what you needed it for was long and tedious, something I didn’t want to do unless it was important or a necessity. Anyways this summer I splurged on a lot of new garments, one thing I bought just last week or so was this orange dress! Ohhhh, I’m so in love with it.

Last night, I went to a party with my Mum and Godmother and decided to bring the dress out! I never knew orange could compliment my skin tone so well! It has immediately become my favourite colour! I dunno what it is about the bright hue of orange or it’s association with yellow but even now in winter, a pop of colour can’t do much harm. I teamed the loose fitting shift dress with black wedge heels and kept my make up pretty much natural looking and kept my lips bare. I added colour to my face by wearing an orange sleek blush from a set just to brighten up my face. Funny enough, just like my mum she was intrigued to find our where I got the dress from. Now here’s the funny thing about me shopping, I can go to the cheapest shops and still manage to find something that looks good. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder right? So yes, I grabbed this dress while I could. And although I wanted the dress to be more fitted, so would’ve liked a size 6/8, I actually got it in a size 10 and to me it wasn’t too bad. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and just pick up a bargain, so where did I get this dress…… It was only Primarni! Loool, my ever able cheap shop, I love abit of Primark.

So there’s how orange is the new black for me, bye bye black dress and LBD’s, and hello orange or a pop of colour! It’s not that black isn’t nice, it’s lovely but it’s too much of a safe option. Sometimes experiment with colours, you never know what suits you unless you shop round, try and have an open mind. This doesn’t apply to just fashion or clothing but every area in life. Don’t restrict yourself with what feels safe and best with you, push yourself!

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x


5 tips on being happy

I dunno what it is, but for some reason I’ve been soo pumped to blog today. It’s not that I had a specific topic per say in my head but something was just getting me so excited to write to you guys.

Anyways I’ll try and keep today’s post short and sweet, as I have to get back to my school work and fit a nap in to my schedule.

So, for some reason…. No, actually for a great reason that I’m still yet to find out about I’ve been sooo sooo happy. As in positivity has just been my instilled in me.Some people that know me might say you’re always happy though, or always smiling or laughing which the majority of the time I am, but it’s different when you know inside just how you’re feeling. I was soo good at putting up a front, my whole “fake it till you make it” saying was something I began to live by. And I know it’s because I’ve started repairing and rebuilding my relationship with God, aswell as having people that I love around me or the great new start I’ve had in this current academic year but there has been this inner joy that is just radiating through me. I love it! Now, don’t get me wrong, just the other day I felt myself slipping into my old ways of being down in the dumps but trust me it didn’t last at all, I said a quick prayer and I felt as though nothing had ever happened, I immediately relieved of my burden. And I just knew then that neither the devil or anyone for that matter could still my joy…. Not anymore. You’re messing with the wrong person mate LOL.

Now for the interesting bit, here’s just 5 useful tips I now use on keeping myself happy.

1) Love God!
– I understand not all of you are believers but for me, that is the most important thing. It’s only something or someone you love that you will invest your time in. Love God whole heartedly, communicate with him whether in songs or prayer. Make him your number one priority and trust me, I assure you all things will work out.

2) Love yourself!
-If you don’t love yourself, how can you love others. Charity begins at home, and being happy starts with yourself. You need to love yourself, love who you are, your talents and your shortcomings! You were made the way you are for a reason.

3) Surround yourself with people you love
-For me, this is people. My family, most importantly but also friends I chose. Like I said, I had an encounter with a ‘friend’ the other day and it made me realise some people are really not your friends. Surround yourself with people you choose, not who your parents have chosen for you. This way, you can put more into the friendship and get even more back. Remember it’s “what you sow, you reap”.

4) Be healthy
-It’s shocking how much difference ones health can make to their well being. Health is something we commonly overlook when it comes to us being happy, if anyone would know about this one it would be me. Anxiety especially, depression they kill. It’s important to have good thoughts, eat well and be active. Saying this, I went to the gym today and my God, I’m so unfit. But I’m determined to get to my target and continue keeping myself healthy! The pain and sanctions are worth it in the end.

5) Laugh!
-LOL.LMAO.ROFL. Take a different approach to live, laugh at everything. Smile. Write your own jokes. Watch comedy shows. Anything to make you laugh will have a positive impact on what you do and how you feel. Laugh at the idea of laughing!

I know there’s so much more tips, but this is just some of mine. Being happy at times can be only temporary but joy, joy is something you live with, something that radiates within you. One thing I have learnt is to make yourself happy, despite how any one else makes you feel, have the mindset of making yourself happy and staying that way!

Proverbs 31:25 – “she/he is clothed with strength and dignity, and she/he laughs without fear of the future”.

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x

Make up, the art.

It seems like today is the start of a new era on my blog, seeing as my life has taken a turn from drama and conflict etc. and I’m finally starting to come out of a time of tribulation for me, I’ve decided to do something new. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious but I want to take a few weeks to tell you guys abit more about myself, my likes and dislikes, hobbies, my dreams etc. So today I’m gunna go into one of my absolute loves…… MAKE UP! Yesssssssss *big grin forms on face*

As you all know, or don’t know, I study Fine Art Textiles as an A Level, why? Because I love the world of fashion and textiles but also because I love art and have done from a young young age. All my usual readers will know in the post “A chapter from a novel” I mentioned my blue eyeshadow days, and over Vaselined lips *LOL* but I’m glad to say I’ve progressed from that, after years of trials and error, I’m finally out!

So let me go back to a few years, I can’t remember the specific date I attempted to apply make up or lip gloss etc to my face but I know I was one of the early ones who experimented with make up right from year 7. It seems my generation, all those babies born in the 90’s, more specifically 96′ seemed to progress much quicker than the older ones, like my sister for example who was born in 1994. Anyways, I probably started with Vaseline, mascara and eyeshadow lol, I used to nick my mums Mary Kay foundation once in a while “sorry mummy” but that didn’t come until year 8 or 9. I dunno what it is about make up that fascinates me or excites me, I guess it’s the fact you can hide blemishes and conceal things on your face you don’t like but also enhance things you’re happy with. Now thinking back, I can’t remember why I actually began wearing makeup but it was probably to impress one guy here or there but as you grow older, you do everything for yourself, to make yourself look and feel better and for me today that’s what it is.

Now, don’t get me wrong, me delving into the world of make up got me into a lot of trouble with my parents, school etc. You see, my parents are both pretty conservative, my mum isn’t really a makeup or extravagant person, she just keeps to herself and does her own thing, so make up never really was for her. My Dad, well he taught at an All girls school in London which meant he was exposed to all things girls lol, and bearing in mind he has 3 daughters, he became very very protective of us because of his experience in the workplace. Added to this, my older sister was the complete opposite of me, she was like my mum, if not more quiet, more in her own world, so I immediately became the rebellious one, and probably still am, due to my likes and hobbies etc. Anyways, now High school, well it got to a stage where I was cemented in make up, heavy eyeliner, thick clumpy mascara, foundation (not my shade), foundation lips topped with layers and layers or Vaseline lol! Well so my school came down on all of us, make up wipes before assembly, or jn form rooms etc. at the time it was ridiculous and again I rebelled and was defiant. Not only was the make up an issue but my dressing and attitude but that’s for another time. Another thing to add is wearing excessive make up and not using the correct methods to remove it ruined my skin. It made me break out in spots, made my skin darker and uneven. And even till now, I’m still trying to get my skin back to where it used to be. I’m currently using a skin care regime and when the course it complete and all my products are finished, I will definetely give a review on my opinions and my progress.

Recently, after stacking up a lot of money working over the summer, I decided I wanted to invest more into make up, all ready for uni next year. So I spent, and spent and spent. Although I don’t know the total of how much I spent I know for sure, it was well over £100 😥 parting with money is hard but for some reason I didnt really feel it much, and even at this point, I’m awaiting a delivery of a new lipstick I ordered. Lol, anyways I’ve been experimenting with make up over the past couple of weeks and I’m more in love than when I started.

Here’s a few looks from today, hope you like it.

•Foundation – Revlon 24 hours colour stay £12
•LA Girl concealer – £4
•Mac studio fix concealer – £15
•Sleek contour kit – £7
•Sleek blush – £5 (Sale ending soon)
•Rimmel mascara – £5
•Collection from Boots – Pressed powder £2
•Barry M lipstick ??
•Sleek lipstick in Mulberry – £5

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x

Half of a yellow sun

As you guys all know, I took a break from blogging over the summer, due to work, travelling, family etc. Anyways just to show you guys I was thinking about you, I found a post I composed a few weeks back. And no, I’m not at all a reader but here’s a glimpse into what I discovered when I picked up this book.

So I know I haven’t blogged in a while but i seem to have found yet another hobby. And yes, you’ve identified it. I tend to get bored f things very easily. It’s not that I was bored of blogging or didn’t have anything to write but the process involved with ordering my thoughts in a way that was somewhat logical and interesting and actually recording them in a post just seemed overly long to me. So I jumped on another band wagon and began reading.

I don’t know whether it’s because of my upcoming EPQ project I am to begin or it’s for my dream of becoming a chemical engineer working in Nigeria, I’ve become increasingly interested in all things Naija. Nigerians music, films, news, words ( yes, I have now become somewhat fluent at speaking Yoruba) but most importantly books. For a while now I’ve heard people bang on about these Nigerian authors but I never once thought I would be sat on a plane for my summer vacation with a Nigerian novel in hand, a freshly warmed sausage roll, an array of sweets and chocolates and a nice cold drink, watching the moving scenes from the frosted window totally engrossed in this new book. Yeah, yeah, I’m not even gunna add to the suspense, you’ve guessed it, it’s only “Half of a Yellow Sun by someone who’s name I cannot pronounce or even spell (the book is very far away from me currently). So I thought what better way to try to redeem myself from my readers than to give them a personal book review from what I would describe as my favourite book and such a good read!

Ermm, okay, I can’t lie, I’m not too sure how these book review things go but I want to analyse this great novel without revealing too much so I give all you guys a chance to experience just a bit of what I experienced. But I’ll admit it right now, I was a hermit for a few days, carrying this book everywhere, wrapped in newspaper in order for it not to be ruined, commonly talking to myself or screaming at the characters or shedding a tear or two…. Or many in my case. It’s no understatement to say that this book just hits the nail right in the head for many reasons. I don’t know why but I didn’t do any research into this book, I briefly skim read the blurb and just went for it. The way which the author connects the main characters involved still baffles me now, never once did I feel disconnected from the story even when key bits d history was injected into it. I’m all for order and organisation but the author choose to deviate from the whole chronological order of things and reversed the story line in many chapters. For someone like me who doesn’t know anything at all about my origin and place of birth, it was important for me to take in all the references to history, after all the book was based on a historical event that has now shaped greater Nigeria, the Biafran War. It’s shocking to see how African parents are quick to teach you the culture and ways of life you’re from and not the actual history. What use is there having to call strangers Auntie/Uncle or scrape your knees just to greet when you don’t know where your nation stemmed from. Even just taking aside Nigeria as a whole but investigating into the tribes, you learn soooo much. I never knew I liked history or was interested in affairs from the past but this book has made me want to find out even more.

If you asked me before what books I read, I’d say my revision guide, the way I revise is to read my revision guide as a story book and go over each page several times before it starts forming in my head. So when my friends used to read countless books, I can’t lie, I was pretty envious but I never understood the fascination behind these fictional tales. It is true that reading does open your mind to a lot of things. The 3 days or so I spent reading this book has broadened my thoughts so much and made me realise I’m not as educated and current as I thought I was.

All these articles, magazines, newspapers, the internet, they’re all good but to me it doesn’t compare to having a book in your hand and taking the information in. Reading is so insightful.

I can’t promise that during these 6 or so weeks I’m off college, I’ll be blogging day in and day out but just know the times I’m away, my head probably in a book, I’m trying to enlarge my thoughts and increase in knowledge just for you guys. After all, knowledge is key.

The book has recently been made into a movie which is a good adaptation of the book, however it’s only now I realise that books are much better than films!

•Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x



Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I know it’s like 22:18 at the moment (when I started this) and I’m sat in bed, fully clothed in my outfit after been out for a few hours. A lack of sleep has finally caught up with me, these 3 hour spells or 2 hour spells in the last week has taken it’s toll. From sleeping at 6:45am on sunday morning and waking up at 7:30 am to get ready for church to sleeping at 3:00am and waking up for college 3 hours later, it’s finally hit me. This life isn’t for me, it’s for all you insomniac’s which I evidently am, a label I wish to drop in the coming weeks or so. Anyways I apologise in advance for anything that doesn’t make sense or incorrect spelling or grammar, I feel as though I’m sleeping with both eyes opened, scary I know LOL.

So why the late post? Well I set myself the challenge of blogging twice a week and Thursday just happened to be one of the days. So here I am attempting to blog but catching a few winks of sleep at the same time.

I’m sure many of you read the title of this blog and thought “No, another relationship one” but nah nah nah, not today. Commenting on relationships just leaves the other party offended and upset, something which I never set out to do but all the same sensitivity is key. But here comes my little story….

Back in the day, when I was probably in Year 9, My best friend at the time 😉 named J and I were practically inseparable. However through his cousin B’Marquis I got introduced to someone else. So me and this person remained very close, and even when me and J drifted apart, me and Ore remained tight. To cut a long story short, me and My friend maintained a close, strong friendship and seeing as he is passionate about media and radio etc. I was privileged at a time to join him on air, sick I know 😉 LOL, anyways when I was in Year 11 and him in his first Year of college, he moved 😥 he moved to London! I couldn’t be more heartbroken, and the thing is as much as it affected me I knew there was others affected, even he himself so I had to remain strong, something I failed so terribly. I can’t lie, it was hard to pick our friendship up where we left it originally but after the occasionally FaceTime dates, phonecalls, messages things got as close to normal as they could get. So as I pointed out, my friend was in the year above me meaning this Year he’s set to go to uni, in the next 2 weeks he is gone. Something I’m going to have to adjust to again. But you’ll never guess who came all the way to see me today……

I saw him from a distance, so tall, well dressed, laughing, his smile beaming from one ear to the next, well structured physique and carried himself well! I blinked once, twice, maybe 3 times…. Okay probably four or five. His eye caught mine, his smile grew as mine finally began to form. It was him. My best friend who I hadn’t seen for over 2 years, I couldn’t believe it.Okay the narrative will stop now, sleep messing up my thought and creative process.

He gave me the biggest hug, just like the one you’d imagine God to give you at the Gates of Heaven saying “well done my good and faithful servant”, a hug you probably wouldn’t want to let go. Well that today was me unfortunately, in the middle of the town centre. I just couldn’t believe my eyes and still now I can’t believe it. It’s funny but many of you may think what’s so special about him, and I promise you it is only a friendship but I realised friends come and go, relationships grow and break but some people just stay for life. I’ve been through a lot, ALOT with friends but this is someone who has stuck with me, stuck there despite the distance and my shortcomings! Wow! How he did all these years, I’m not too sure. But one more thing that makes this experience all so special but yet emotional was this, I’m born in November ’96. Which means many of my age mates and friends I grew up with are now going to uni while I’m stuck here just starting A2! I can’t lie, sometimes it upsets me, a lot of time even but I realised everything will work out, it has to. So the encounter stirred up a series of emotions but most importantly love. The love in our friendship, the love and respect we have for one another, our God, our dreams, families etc. The period he has been living away has made me love and appreciate him the more. Not only is he striving to do his best, he indirectly motivates me to do the same. You’re looking at someone who started at a local radio station in Luton to now someone working at Radio One in London. I couldn’t be more proud. His abscence has definetley made me grow fonder of him.

Take this moment to think back to any friends you’ve lost contact with or have gone away. Has their abscence made you grow much more fonder of them? Think about it.

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x

P.S: Ore me ( my friend), I can’t begin to express how much you mean to me. Our friendship that has grown over the past years has been amazing and exciting. But most importantly I want to say Well Done. Well Done for never, ever giving up on your dream, seeing you where you are makes me so so proud, and the fact you carried me on your journey has been so rewarding. I’m proud of you, we all are! Keep up the good work. Love you lots ❤️