Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I know it’s like 22:18 at the moment (when I started this) and I’m sat in bed, fully clothed in my outfit after been out for a few hours. A lack of sleep has finally caught up with me, these 3 hour spells or 2 hour spells in the last week has taken it’s toll. From sleeping at 6:45am on sunday morning and waking up at 7:30 am to get ready for church to sleeping at 3:00am and waking up for college 3 hours later, it’s finally hit me. This life isn’t for me, it’s for all you insomniac’s which I evidently am, a label I wish to drop in the coming weeks or so. Anyways I apologise in advance for anything that doesn’t make sense or incorrect spelling or grammar, I feel as though I’m sleeping with both eyes opened, scary I know LOL.

So why the late post? Well I set myself the challenge of blogging twice a week and Thursday just happened to be one of the days. So here I am attempting to blog but catching a few winks of sleep at the same time.

I’m sure many of you read the title of this blog and thought “No, another relationship one” but nah nah nah, not today. Commenting on relationships just leaves the other party offended and upset, something which I never set out to do but all the same sensitivity is key. But here comes my little story….

Back in the day, when I was probably in Year 9, My best friend at the time 😉 named J and I were practically inseparable. However through his cousin B’Marquis I got introduced to someone else. So me and this person remained very close, and even when me and J drifted apart, me and Ore remained tight. To cut a long story short, me and My friend maintained a close, strong friendship and seeing as he is passionate about media and radio etc. I was privileged at a time to join him on air, sick I know 😉 LOL, anyways when I was in Year 11 and him in his first Year of college, he moved 😥 he moved to London! I couldn’t be more heartbroken, and the thing is as much as it affected me I knew there was others affected, even he himself so I had to remain strong, something I failed so terribly. I can’t lie, it was hard to pick our friendship up where we left it originally but after the occasionally FaceTime dates, phonecalls, messages things got as close to normal as they could get. So as I pointed out, my friend was in the year above me meaning this Year he’s set to go to uni, in the next 2 weeks he is gone. Something I’m going to have to adjust to again. But you’ll never guess who came all the way to see me today……

I saw him from a distance, so tall, well dressed, laughing, his smile beaming from one ear to the next, well structured physique and carried himself well! I blinked once, twice, maybe 3 times…. Okay probably four or five. His eye caught mine, his smile grew as mine finally began to form. It was him. My best friend who I hadn’t seen for over 2 years, I couldn’t believe it.Okay the narrative will stop now, sleep messing up my thought and creative process.

He gave me the biggest hug, just like the one you’d imagine God to give you at the Gates of Heaven saying “well done my good and faithful servant”, a hug you probably wouldn’t want to let go. Well that today was me unfortunately, in the middle of the town centre. I just couldn’t believe my eyes and still now I can’t believe it. It’s funny but many of you may think what’s so special about him, and I promise you it is only a friendship but I realised friends come and go, relationships grow and break but some people just stay for life. I’ve been through a lot, ALOT with friends but this is someone who has stuck with me, stuck there despite the distance and my shortcomings! Wow! How he did all these years, I’m not too sure. But one more thing that makes this experience all so special but yet emotional was this, I’m born in November ’96. Which means many of my age mates and friends I grew up with are now going to uni while I’m stuck here just starting A2! I can’t lie, sometimes it upsets me, a lot of time even but I realised everything will work out, it has to. So the encounter stirred up a series of emotions but most importantly love. The love in our friendship, the love and respect we have for one another, our God, our dreams, families etc. The period he has been living away has made me love and appreciate him the more. Not only is he striving to do his best, he indirectly motivates me to do the same. You’re looking at someone who started at a local radio station in Luton to now someone working at Radio One in London. I couldn’t be more proud. His abscence has definetley made me grow fonder of him.

Take this moment to think back to any friends you’ve lost contact with or have gone away. Has their abscence made you grow much more fonder of them? Think about it.

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x

P.S: Ore me ( my friend), I can’t begin to express how much you mean to me. Our friendship that has grown over the past years has been amazing and exciting. But most importantly I want to say Well Done. Well Done for never, ever giving up on your dream, seeing you where you are makes me so so proud, and the fact you carried me on your journey has been so rewarding. I’m proud of you, we all are! Keep up the good work. Love you lots ❤️



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