Make up, the art.

It seems like today is the start of a new era on my blog, seeing as my life has taken a turn from drama and conflict etc. and I’m finally starting to come out of a time of tribulation for me, I’ve decided to do something new. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious but I want to take a few weeks to tell you guys abit more about myself, my likes and dislikes, hobbies, my dreams etc. So today I’m gunna go into one of my absolute loves…… MAKE UP! Yesssssssss *big grin forms on face*

As you all know, or don’t know, I study Fine Art Textiles as an A Level, why? Because I love the world of fashion and textiles but also because I love art and have done from a young young age. All my usual readers will know in the post “A chapter from a novel” I mentioned my blue eyeshadow days, and over Vaselined lips *LOL* but I’m glad to say I’ve progressed from that, after years of trials and error, I’m finally out!

So let me go back to a few years, I can’t remember the specific date I attempted to apply make up or lip gloss etc to my face but I know I was one of the early ones who experimented with make up right from year 7. It seems my generation, all those babies born in the 90’s, more specifically 96′ seemed to progress much quicker than the older ones, like my sister for example who was born in 1994. Anyways, I probably started with Vaseline, mascara and eyeshadow lol, I used to nick my mums Mary Kay foundation once in a while “sorry mummy” but that didn’t come until year 8 or 9. I dunno what it is about make up that fascinates me or excites me, I guess it’s the fact you can hide blemishes and conceal things on your face you don’t like but also enhance things you’re happy with. Now thinking back, I can’t remember why I actually began wearing makeup but it was probably to impress one guy here or there but as you grow older, you do everything for yourself, to make yourself look and feel better and for me today that’s what it is.

Now, don’t get me wrong, me delving into the world of make up got me into a lot of trouble with my parents, school etc. You see, my parents are both pretty conservative, my mum isn’t really a makeup or extravagant person, she just keeps to herself and does her own thing, so make up never really was for her. My Dad, well he taught at an All girls school in London which meant he was exposed to all things girls lol, and bearing in mind he has 3 daughters, he became very very protective of us because of his experience in the workplace. Added to this, my older sister was the complete opposite of me, she was like my mum, if not more quiet, more in her own world, so I immediately became the rebellious one, and probably still am, due to my likes and hobbies etc. Anyways, now High school, well it got to a stage where I was cemented in make up, heavy eyeliner, thick clumpy mascara, foundation (not my shade), foundation lips topped with layers and layers or Vaseline lol! Well so my school came down on all of us, make up wipes before assembly, or jn form rooms etc. at the time it was ridiculous and again I rebelled and was defiant. Not only was the make up an issue but my dressing and attitude but that’s for another time. Another thing to add is wearing excessive make up and not using the correct methods to remove it ruined my skin. It made me break out in spots, made my skin darker and uneven. And even till now, I’m still trying to get my skin back to where it used to be. I’m currently using a skin care regime and when the course it complete and all my products are finished, I will definetely give a review on my opinions and my progress.

Recently, after stacking up a lot of money working over the summer, I decided I wanted to invest more into make up, all ready for uni next year. So I spent, and spent and spent. Although I don’t know the total of how much I spent I know for sure, it was well over £100 😥 parting with money is hard but for some reason I didnt really feel it much, and even at this point, I’m awaiting a delivery of a new lipstick I ordered. Lol, anyways I’ve been experimenting with make up over the past couple of weeks and I’m more in love than when I started.

Here’s a few looks from today, hope you like it.

•Foundation – Revlon 24 hours colour stay £12
•LA Girl concealer – £4
•Mac studio fix concealer – £15
•Sleek contour kit – £7
•Sleek blush – £5 (Sale ending soon)
•Rimmel mascara – £5
•Collection from Boots – Pressed powder £2
•Barry M lipstick ??
•Sleek lipstick in Mulberry – £5

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x



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