5 tips on being happy

I dunno what it is, but for some reason I’ve been soo pumped to blog today. It’s not that I had a specific topic per say in my head but something was just getting me so excited to write to you guys.

Anyways I’ll try and keep today’s post short and sweet, as I have to get back to my school work and fit a nap in to my schedule.

So, for some reason…. No, actually for a great reason that I’m still yet to find out about I’ve been sooo sooo happy. As in positivity has just been my instilled in me.Some people that know me might say you’re always happy though, or always smiling or laughing which the majority of the time I am, but it’s different when you know inside just how you’re feeling. I was soo good at putting up a front, my whole “fake it till you make it” saying was something I began to live by. And I know it’s because I’ve started repairing and rebuilding my relationship with God, aswell as having people that I love around me or the great new start I’ve had in this current academic year but there has been this inner joy that is just radiating through me. I love it! Now, don’t get me wrong, just the other day I felt myself slipping into my old ways of being down in the dumps but trust me it didn’t last at all, I said a quick prayer and I felt as though nothing had ever happened, I immediately relieved of my burden. And I just knew then that neither the devil or anyone for that matter could still my joy…. Not anymore. You’re messing with the wrong person mate LOL.

Now for the interesting bit, here’s just 5 useful tips I now use on keeping myself happy.

1) Love God!
– I understand not all of you are believers but for me, that is the most important thing. It’s only something or someone you love that you will invest your time in. Love God whole heartedly, communicate with him whether in songs or prayer. Make him your number one priority and trust me, I assure you all things will work out.

2) Love yourself!
-If you don’t love yourself, how can you love others. Charity begins at home, and being happy starts with yourself. You need to love yourself, love who you are, your talents and your shortcomings! You were made the way you are for a reason.

3) Surround yourself with people you love
-For me, this is people. My family, most importantly but also friends I chose. Like I said, I had an encounter with a ‘friend’ the other day and it made me realise some people are really not your friends. Surround yourself with people you choose, not who your parents have chosen for you. This way, you can put more into the friendship and get even more back. Remember it’s “what you sow, you reap”.

4) Be healthy
-It’s shocking how much difference ones health can make to their well being. Health is something we commonly overlook when it comes to us being happy, if anyone would know about this one it would be me. Anxiety especially, depression they kill. It’s important to have good thoughts, eat well and be active. Saying this, I went to the gym today and my God, I’m so unfit. But I’m determined to get to my target and continue keeping myself healthy! The pain and sanctions are worth it in the end.

5) Laugh!
-LOL.LMAO.ROFL. Take a different approach to live, laugh at everything. Smile. Write your own jokes. Watch comedy shows. Anything to make you laugh will have a positive impact on what you do and how you feel. Laugh at the idea of laughing!

I know there’s so much more tips, but this is just some of mine. Being happy at times can be only temporary but joy, joy is something you live with, something that radiates within you. One thing I have learnt is to make yourself happy, despite how any one else makes you feel, have the mindset of making yourself happy and staying that way!

Proverbs 31:25 – “she/he is clothed with strength and dignity, and she/he laughs without fear of the future”.

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x



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