2 for 1 deal

Okay, as promised, I’m giving you two for the price of one this evening! But before committing to it, I should’ve had a plan in place -_-. All you people that think blogging is easy, you couldn’t have got it more wrong.

Anyways, today I finally got a photographer for my blog posts, and although I’m still sticking to taking pictures with my Iphone, it just felt more real to me! Haha, but yes, positive movements, positive movements! Haha! I dunno what to address on this post but I can only say what I’m feeling and let me just apologise for my humour, I’m currently working on 3 hours sleep from the previous night!

So anyways, like I pointed out in my last post tonight, I’ve been so so so happy lately and no, there’s no boys it involves or girls for that matter, I’ve just been taking time to appreciate the people I have around me, the talents I have, and just the things I love. For so long, I was dwelling on people mistreating me, people that I am glad to say are no longer in my life, I was dwelling on previous failures and let downs, dwelling and being critical of myself, my body, my look! And finally, I can see I’m just loving life, living with not a care in the world. Now, see I’m still yet to find Worship, aswell and Thanksgiving and Offering but that’s okay, I don’t mind! And I’m still yet to get to my target weight and body type but again, it’s fine! I’m still yet to complete my final year of A Levels and although it’s not fine, I know it will be!

Now, if any of you have my in snapchat you’ll know tonight I did the 5 things I hate tag thingy, and although there’s a lot more I hate, there’s even more things I love! I always say, I hate hate hate negativity, I hate negative energy but I know at times that’s what I give out. It’s so weird how we can have soo many conflicting emotions but for some reason the more negative seems to over loud the positive. But no, that’s no longer with me, hell NO! For once I’m going to let the positive outshine the negative, and see where that takes me! You see, you don’t know Jack if you don’t know Jesus! And Jesus just adds that special spice to your life! Don’t let man mash up your life, don’t let girls mash up your life! Get rid of people like that and surround yourself with love, happiness and positivity!

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x




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