Are you ready?

I know this post was meant to go up over an hour ago, well all of you close to me will know I have a Sunday ritual, as it even says in the Bible “Sunday is the day of rest”, well I take that day to the extreme, I do all my chores on Sunday night and literally just laze around on Sunday afternoons, and I have my weekly Sunday nap! Today, I was loving mine abit too much and got carried away but here I am! All ready for you guys!

Now I’m back to my more thoughtful posts, and seeing as I didn’t post on Thursday (lost track of the days in the week), today you are in for 2 posts! Let’s just hope my phone doesn’t die mid typing (20% alert -_-).

I didn’t really have a specific direction for this blog this evening, but I’m just sat here in bed asking myself that am I actually ready for the things that are soon to come in my life? I know I’m currently in such a good place, everything for once seems so good and I’m incredibly happy but is this a joy that will last till death? Well I honestly hope so, and I know I will continue to make the conscious effort to remain this way! I know many of you will read this title and think I’m referring to the rapture and the coming of Christ, and now although that is not really the direction I’m taking, I guess it relates to this indirectly.

Yesterday, I was opportuned to go on a University open day at Loughborough, and it finally dawned on me that I’m leaving the nest! But I thought to myself am I ready to live alone, in a town I don’t know, with people I don’t know, studying a course I currently know little about. But for some bizarre reason I wasn’t fearing the unknown I was more excited for it. Looking around the accommodation I was just like, am I ready to have to compromise my high standards and live in a tiny room, something I’m not currently used to and have minimum wardrobe space, and I know a lot of you girls that are not yet or even at uni can relate.

That takes me on to my next point, the future after that! Now you see, being soon to be 18 and all, a relationship or whatever isn’t exactly what I’m going in search for but it’s something that will always be on my mind? That will I find someone that compliments me, someone that can hold me down! Some of us ladies need someone like that, and I sure know I do! But when I see all my friends in relationships currently, although a part of me would want the same happiness they seem to find in a relationship, the other part just asks myself again that am I ready for the commitment, the arguements, the demands and expectations that comes with a relationship? Am I ready for all of that? And most importantly do I even need that. And to me, the answer I always find myself concluding to is NO! I’m in no rush! You see, the past year or so, I’ve learnt a very very valuable lesson. And what is it you may ask? It’s inevitable that in life we will experience things, it’s inevitable that things cannot always remain good however things can be avoided! There are certain experiences you don’t need to go through, and the reason we find ourselves journeying down paths of sexual immorality or lust or jealousy or greed is because of our own selfish desires. And then when we get discouraged or hurt, we ask ourselves why! And I too, I am terribly guilty of this. Learning from others mistakes is like something you are getting for free because you yourself do not need to experience it, learning from other mistakes is one of life’s best teachers. I always say one thing, I don’t want even my enemies to go through what I have, I don’t want my friends or family too either because they don’t need to! It can be avoided by looking at my life and my experiences and choosing not to want to experience the same! Unfortunately this statement tends to lie with relationships especially! And that is why I ask myself time and time again, that am I really ready? “What does it profit a man, to gain the whole world but loose his own soul – Mark 8:36”. Mate, it profits you nothing! What does it profit you to have a relationship that you see as good but loose yourself in the process! Are you ready for that right now, when you have other priorities? Ask yourself?

And finally, the biggest one, are you really really ready for the future. Marriage, having children, being in the profession you aspired to! This question for me, I know it is currently no and will probably remain this way until I’m journeying down the aisle or in the labour ward! And it’s not that I’m not prepared but I myself know I have a lot of things to put in place within myself before I go down that route. Things like what you may ask? Well, qualities such as patience, reasoning, selflessness, agape love, forgiveness, calmness! All these things, I need to instill within me before I even begin to think of marriage or child birth because if you don’t have things already in place in yourself, well you have a lot of work to do. Just think about this, mornings where you would wake up early to cook your husband breakfast while having an infant you are still breast feeding, whilst thinking about the state of the house and completing the project your company is currently working on. In situations like that, if you don’t prepare and practice now, what makes you think you’ll be ready in even 10 years time. You can’t turn a hoe or lazy person into a housewife and you can’t turn a player into a husband. Unless you make conscious and informed decisions to change and better yourself, you will remain that way. And of course, the foundation you need is based on your relationship with God. That will make all things easier and “all things work together for your good – Romans 8:28”. Get your spiritual life where it needs to be, be solid in your faith! This is so so important because with this, you’ll be ready before you know it! Yes, everyone is a work in progress and I’m still an individual under construction but I know I’ll get there, and you should too!

It all boils down to preparation, even the rapture it all comes down to living a holy life that is “acceptable and pleasing to God”. It’s not that you should only prepare when the time is near, but prepare at all times, so if Jesus was to come now, you wouldn’t be running around thinking where do I start. I remember when I was sitting my Year 6 SATS, all those years ago LOL and an uncle told me “Prayer preparation prevents poor performance”! And wow, these 5 P’s have stuck with me, even more recently before completing my AS studies, another Uncle said “Prepare like you haven’t prayed and pray like you haven’t prepared”. This statement here is like a mind game, in essence it’s saying one thing, when you are reading for an exam you read a lot, so you should read like you haven’t prayed, and pray like you haven’t read! This can apply to everything! Prayer and praise will always remain key to everything but you need to put your work and efforts in.

Now, that’s enough of me rambling but now ask yourself, “Am I Ready” for the things that are to come in my life. If not, begin to prepare and put things in place now.

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x




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