So my readers, my fam, friends, enemies, church members, every single one of you!

We have hit the jackpot YAYYY! This post should probably have come out the day I hit the great 1K views but I felt to share it on Sunday, as that’s my normal blogging day!

Guys, I don’t know where to start…… But I guess I have to find somewhere, and for once I’m not emotional! We thank The Lord right LOL

*sigh* Heres the thing, when I started this blog, I didn’t really have a vision as to where I wanted it to go or the direction I wanted to take. I was just writing, most times writing rubbish or recording the thoughts from my head. A blog was something I never thought I’d have. Not that I hate bloggers but the only blogs I really saw were fashion or make up related blogs which evidently wasn’t really my field or interest back then. But 3/4 months on, here I am! Still blogging, and having no intention to stop.

Writing and delivering my thoughts to you was more of something I was doing for myself, to get rid of some of the burdens I had been carrying and lift the heavy weight on my heart. As I’ve said numerous times, last year was a very trying time for me. Yeah, you may say I’m only 17 and all that, but you’d be surprised what us teens go through nowadays, you’d be pleasantly surprised in fact. And the thing is, we often find ourselves in situations where we can’t speak out, or even if we do, we are in fear of who gets hold of that information. Anyways, I put all these worries at the back of my mind and just needed to find some healing within myself. Other than the obvious comfort And encouragement I got from my church and family/friends I found a peace and security in my blog. The ability or gift to relay your emotions and thoughts to a wider audience is one that cannot be described as easy however it deals with issues within yourself before addressing and helping another. So it all starts with you.

Not only that, this blog has been very rewarding, comments, text messages, encouragements, jokes all made in reference to my blog has shown me I am somebody with a talent, a talent people appreciate. And let me tell you, that is one of the greatest feelings. Although I’m still travelling and journeying down the path of self discovery, I’ve managed to learn and find out more about myself through writing to you guys. And honestly, the support network I’ve received from this blog, has encouraged me and motivated me to want to do more, to empower people, to give people a hope, let them know they’re not alone and just advice them. And trust me, I’m not a teacher, or preacher or anything, I’m a child, a sinner just like many of you, but the difference with me is that I have an inner beauty that radiates and gives me wisdom and knowledge above my years, one reason being through my experiences and the second through God. After all, it’s all down to him.

So I just want to say a big big thank you for journeying with me through the past 4 months, the journey has been more and far better than I previously anticipated! Thank you for being a part of my journey and I can only hope and pray I will be a part of yours. I love and appreciate all you guys! Keep reading, keep commenting and bring all your suggestions to me! I would love to here from you guys. Thank you all again for your support.

Here’s to bigger, greater and much better things!

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x

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