Up in the air

Do you know the weird thing about not blogging for a month or so?

Well believe it or not, it’s the fact I feel I can’t even remember how to blog or carry you guys along on my train of thoughts! It’s awful. Now, for the excuses…..
You should all know, after every one of my absences, I write a list of excuses to go with why I haven’t been around. However, luckily enough this time I have actually been out and about, doing performances, college work and travelling and not just hibernating! It’s been great don’t get me wrong, but sooo tiring and stressful, that’s why I’m soooo greatful for the recent trip I’ve had away with family and friends, probably the best trip I’ve been on to be fair, but that’s for another post!

So, to answer the question I know a lot of you will be asking, so where have you been? You abandoned us?

Well actually guys I didn’t, you have all been on my mind, from my usual half of the Harris twins who regularly follows my blog, to the randomers out there who just flick through once in a while! The last month or so hasn’t been short of busy! Busy busy busy. I vaguely remember my absence on one Sunday I was meant to upload, however unfortunately I was laid at home, rushed to the hospital coz I was unwell! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for your sympathy or worries but just wanted to give you a glimpse into what us 17 year olds go through from time to time. I can hear the screams and see the rolling eyes and twitching lips from adults out there saying “what on earth can a 17 year old got though”. Now let me tell you, in this day and era, age is honestly but a number, you’d be surprised to hear what even a 16 year old goes through. So yes, I was very unwell, but I quickly snapped out of it, being me and all! And now I’m as fit as ever….. Well okay, on the road to a fast recovery!

Now, after this whole episode of being unwell, I dived straight into the next big thing in my life, UNI! The fast approaching 3 letter word that is literally deciding my fate! In the coming year, I’m out of the nest (finally) and going to go onto further education! Now, I’m not going to go into too much detail because again, this is another area I want to address in future blogs but obviously because of my abscence I haven’t been able to (silly me). So yes, I travelled to some unis to go to their open days which were really good and made me the more excited to go! So yes, that was number 2 on my excuse list.

Now, for excuse 3… A lot of you that know me well will know I sing. No, I’m not them type of singers that will just sing, sing, sing! But I sing in a choir, 2 or even 3 in fact! But the main one is part of a choir names NXGN (Next Generation) which is a gospel youth choir who ministers twice a year, sometimes more to a congregation of over 50,000 at the Excel Exhibition Centre in London. Now, as I said we minister twice a year, and our second ministration happens to fall in October which means we have rehearsals every Saturday from the beginning of September until our performance date. The rehearsals are held in Croydon, which means me along with the Luton crew (you guys know who you are) commute from Luton by train and bus, spending a whole day out! Stress I know, so yes, that was the second thing that took my time.

Now, finally the other big thing which is expected is college! Ahhh, how I hate that place! It’s like once you feel you’ve got it and you start enjoying it, they throw a spanner in the works and throw you off course kmt. So yes, between my studies, topic tests, uni applications, visits, talks, meetings, deadlines aswell as extra curricular activities like going to the gym, black history month and house music (choir) it was literally a recipe for disaster! Loosing my voice after overworking myself and singing in London, operating on minimal sleep, rushing to finish work etc. it was awful! And even as I write this, I’m stuck in a plane somewhere in the clouds of Turkey, deeply debating whether I will go to college tomorrow and thinking about the stacks of work that await me at home! Luckily I’m say next to a lovely lovely Turkish guy who dashed me his coins so I’ll buy something to give me energy to at least compose a to do list in my head! (Ohh how I love sitting next to nice people)

So yes, that’s been me the past month… Anyone jealous? Or wanting to trade places? … Yeah I didn’t think so. All the same, I apologise for being gone, if I had my way and my brain chose to cooperate I’d be here writing everyday, however 24 hours at times is not enough! And our body is so fragile, I’d be driving myself to an early death and trust me, I’m toooooo young to die! Lol!

What am I saying? Sometimes life hits you with things you weren’t expecting and causes you to totally go off course! But the beauty in you, and the way you were made is in the ability to return where you previously were, if not further in the race of life! It’s hard I know, but with God all things are possible, right?

Love, Praise’Gbemisola x