The beginning of a new journey

The fact that you’re reading this means YOU MADE IT! You made it into the Year 2016! Can you believe it?

WOW, So here I am at 13:48 or so, scared as anything, nervous, hands shaking, mind wavering, eyes twitching, attempting, just attempting to write. Wow, to think its been over a year since I last released a blog post, since I last recorded my thoughts to you, since I last shared the lessons I had learnt from life. A whole 365 days, 12 months, 52 weeks, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes has passed. Its crazy but I’m glad to say I’m back. Back with a new vision, new ideas and new stories. Exciting right? So exciting.

You see, there’s one thing I must point out to you all. Now, it was never my intention to stop blogging or even take a break from blogging, in fact I planned to religiously blog twice a week and in some ways I actually did, I was still writing ALOT, I just never posted anything. Why? Life was why. I realised I was just surviving and not living. And I’m sure many of you will be thinking what on earth does that mean? But I was just getting by, getting through each day, hoping and praying that I’d even see the next day rather than taking advantage of the 24 hours we are given and making the most of it, being active, building memories but instead I let the events of life swallow me. Anyways lets not get too deep into that but yeah, once I started slacking, it became something I just put off. Now that doesn’t mean you were not in my thoughts, you always were but even finding the confidence at times to give you an insight into what was going on with me was difficult.

Now, all those that regularly follow my blog will know that after any of my extended abscences I tend to give a list of excuses. But you know what, I don’t want to do that this year. Instead of dwelling on missed opportunities, I plan to make new ones. For you see, hindsight is the best vision. Yesterday can never be better than today or even tomorrow and that’s what I want to live by. Believe it or not, the year out made me examine several areas of my life, my relationships, my goals and the most important one to me, my faith. The one thing I realised is my blog in many ways, helped me get through the struggles of everyday life, and for me, this was one of the top things on my list that I wanted to address first. So here I’ve been, hibernating for the last month or so coming up with fresh ideas, exciting plans and a new vision. Starting with a new name! I no longer wanted to be known as ‘Praise with no Worship’ because I love worship, I’m a singer, LOL. (Lord knows where that name even came from anyways -_-). But  I wanted to keep it all real, I wanted to be open, relatable and honest. So here we have it, the birth of a new name, ‘Its Only P’G’, now I leave it to you to find out what the P’G stands for.

The journey of the past year has been amazing. From me turning 18 and having the most amazing surprise dinner planned by my favourites, to singing in a number of places and functions, to spending Christmas away from home, to Boxing day sale shenanigans, to completing my A Levels, to working, both my parents turning 50, my sister graduating and finally moving to university and even going on to spend my first birthday in a new environment surrounded by new faces. And yes I know, I’m no longer the mere 17 year old teen that originally started this blog back in 2013, I’m now a 19 year old adult. LOL LOL LOL, even I have to pinch myself at times.  But in spite of all this, I’m back guys! I’m back and ready to share my experiences all over again.

Please jump back on this rollercoaster of mixed emotions, funny stories, real life situations, lessons and testimonies and take a trip down the avenue of self discovery, even as I do also. I would love you guys to come back on this journey with me, after all, there’s no one I’d rather share this all with.

Happy New Year Everyone. I hope this year brings nothing but good things for us all! You guys are the best.


Yours truly,

Praise’ Gbemisola x

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