Plagiarism is the one word that always rings in my head whenever I’m sat contemplating my life at uni or trying to get some work done . Why? Because that’s the only word they always seem to bang on about! As soon as I feel myself dozing in a 2 hour lecture, once I hear my lecturer form a sentence involving the beginning of the word ‘pla..’ then I quickly wake up. Frazzled of course but somewhat alert all the same. But no, I’m not gunna be doing a post on the importance of plagiarism or whatever, that’s not me just yet. But where am I getting at? That’s it, I have a confession to make…..

Well to be honest, I don’t even know if my confession is even a confession or if it even counts as one but either way here goes. I’m not proud to say this, and I’m quite embarrassed actually, mostly disappointed in myself because I was not smart enough to think of it myself. So in that sense I guess I’ve been found guilty of a crime, this is where plagiarism talk comes in, I’ve committed an offence, a serious one. I stole someones work, someones idea. Even writing this, at 02:39 am my heart is thumping, a sweat has formed across my forehead, I’m so scared, so nervous. And its obvious as to why… But why Praise, why?

Okay, so I’m rambling now and getting lost in my train of thoughts so yes, where was I? What did I do? When? Why? All these questions I’m sure are going through your head , passing judgement on me, cutting eye at me, scolding me. Such a bad person right? Come on guys, its a new year, you should know me by now, I don’t think I’m even capable of committing such a crime, LOL, I just wanted to scare you. So now you can finally take a deep sigh of relief or attempt at returning your heart rate back to normal. Right, for all the new people flicking through my blog for the first time, I send my apologies for greeting you with such a deep, spiritual post but for many that know me, you know that’s who I am, deep thoughts, deep emotions, deep beliefs. Now other than the fact I am Christian and want to share my journey with Christ, I’m also very spiritual, very emotional so that’s why I thought this new account would be appropriate for my new followers to get a feeling of who I am.

It was a few days ago actually, December 29th I remember, the date that marks the anniversary of my Grandma’s death and I just struggled to think of a subject to start off the new year, ideas of topics like what I learnt in the previous year, my goals for this new year etc. were meet with sighs of boredom and rolling eyes by the likes of my able proofreader Kwame (don’t worry I have no intentions of baiting you out on here, so let’s stick to that name). So yes, I didn’t want to do the usual, cliche stuff, after all I don’t think that’s me so I let my creative juices flow for a moment or so and stumbled across this topic. This is where the plagiarism comes to play.

Let me quickly give you the background to this topic. December 2011, myself, my younger sister and cousin went on holiday to Canada to spend Christmas with my family there. Whilst there, my uncle being a Minister happened to share some words on this topic ‘Metanoai‘. Now apart from this being an unusual word that at 15/16 had no clue as to what it meant, it soon actually became the basis of our jokes mainly because we struggled to pronounce the word, but it was something that stuck with me, well till now I guess. That day changed my life in a number of ways, changed my way of thinking but it was in writing this post that I thought maybe I have been an offender and committed plagiarism but its family, it doesn’t count right?

So yes ‘Metanoai‘. Metanoai is a Greek word which refers to ‘changing your mindset or purpose’ or to ‘turn and face the light’ or even a ‘transformative change of heart or way of life’. Wow, so many definitions, my apologies for this overload but where am I getting at? For me, it was so so so important to enter the new year with a changed mindset, a different way of thinking and living. I realised the way my mind was set up last year didn’t actually work for me, so me being I was looking for ways to be better, achieve better, love better and live better. But the one thing I actually just picked up on is for you to have a change in your mindset you need to recognise the way your mind was functioning before or the way your thoughts were set up or where your vision was focused on in the previous year was wrong. Wrong in the sense that it wasn’t correct and it didn’t work for you, and even if it did, it didn’t work well enough. Now you see for me, assessing the previous year is so important and I remember back in the day, when I was much younger we used to go round in school saying “New year, new me”. And although I often look back and laugh and even at times make fun of the people that say that (that being wrong in itself) I now want to adopt that attitude. The new year is the time to start a fresh, turn a new slate and that takes me back to the word ‘Metanoai‘ as its used in conjunction with repentance and pertinence. It’s so vital for us to change our mindset, not to dwell on broken relationships, bad friendships, health battles and identity crisis’ but rather look at ways to change our ways of thinking towards the situation and not let it define us.

For me this is a lesson in itself, the last few months of 2015 was as if all the things that hadn’t happened to me throughout the year was saved till the end, the best or in my case the worst was left to the end. And yes, I drowned in my sorrows for a while but I didn’t stay there. As children, as teens, youth and adults it’s hard not to get stuck in the hardships of life but although this may sound cliche but there’s a lesson learnt in every situation whether good or bad. And one thing I tell myself is how can I appreciate the good if I havent experienced the bad? And also how can I take someone somewhere Ive never been? How can I help them?

So why not change your mindset into thinking positively, speaking positively and acting positively also. It’s now time to make things right, and luckily for us, we’ve been given a new year to do so. So when you’re down in the dumps or alone just remember ‘Metanoai – change your mindset’. After all, the mind pretty much controls our whole being so once we can tackle our biggest killer, we’re one step closer to finding our cure’.


I hope this new year is your best one yet. So start how you want it to continue.

Yours truly,


Praise’ Gbemisola x


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