The Night Shift

Right, so I know I always say “this will be a short post today” but for one reason or another, I cant help but write LOOOOAAADDDDSSSSS! But you’ll never guess what? I actually mean it this time. Well I’ll try to stick to it. Its so funny how when we’re given a 1500 word essay or a 10000 word dissertation or a 6000 word EPQ summary we literally struggle to just write a mere 100 words. But it is well ooo, having said this I have a 1000 word reflective report to write and have I started? Well all you guys in uni will know everything is left to the last minute. But that doesn’t make that a good thing. Procrastination is such a horrible thing! Absolutely horrid thing, such a bad character flaw. Saying this, I’m sat on my  chair, laptop on lap, spinning around and just looking at the pile of washing I need to do, makeup I need to clear away, clothes I need to fold, a bed I need to lay and most importantly books I need to read, past papers I need to complete and like I mentioned an essay I need to actually begin. Yeah, you’ve guessed it, I would be what my friend would call ‘an unserious candidate’, I don’t even know whether its laziness, tiredness or the horrid P word, and no, not me as in Praise but Procrastination.

Ah Praise, you’ve done it again, just rambled on! ARGHHHHH! I cant help it, its like when I put fingers to a keypad whether it be my phone or Maci, my laptop (yes, I name my devices LOL) its like a rhythm forms, a melody that is so catchy that I just want to keep repeating, in this case, keep typing  but I actually need to stop! LOL.

That takes me to todays post. As many of you will know, especially my university church family, you’ll know as of 1:20pm earlier today, I didn’t have any material for todays post, any direction or ideas, I probably would have given it a miss but thanks to people encouraging me, Im pushing on, even if I am writing complete rubbish. And there I go, just rambling… Gosh Praise (gets up from seat and flicks side of head).

Now on a serious note, I really struggled with thinking of todays post, it probably is because all that is in my thoughts right now is just exam related, physics equations, maths problems, diagrams, the life of an engineering student *sigh*. But then I thought, lets go to the basics, what do I do when I don’t know what to do? And for me, its the night shift. No, I don’t have a job that operates on a shift rota but I dedicate time at my favourite time of the day to record my thoughts, do my work, have quiet time with God, set new goals and check if the goals I’ve noted down the night before have been achieved by that time. For me, my revision is most successful at night, in the early hours of the morning. My flatmates call it an awful sleeping pattern, doctors call it severe insomnia but I just prefer the term night shift. I’ve come to realise something, its so important to do what works for you. Not for anyone else but you. Still being at the beginning of this year, I’m so mindful of the goals I have set for 2016, my financial goals, spiritual goals, academic goals and social/recreational goals. Its through this that through every night shift, I have the energy, the drive to push forward, just like what Im doing now in this post. Its so easy to get distracted, most times we don’t even realise and before we know it we’ve gone off course. I cant stress how important it is to dedicate time in a day to just focus on yourself, time to evaluate everything and put things in place to make a better tomorrow. The saying I have decided to live by this year is this “the fact I’m still alive, means I have another opportunity to put things right or in place”. That’s why I cherish my night shift, because its really a gift to sleep and wake up the next morning, so I don’t ever want to sleep. I want to keep pressing on, making things right so that if by chance I get the miracle of sleeping and waking up in good health, I can make that day the best day I’ve lived yet.

So what am I saying? Time is precious. Utilise it. Its so easy to say we don’t have enough time in a day to achieve all we want to but we have 24 hours more than a person in a grave, that’s just died or a person that’s sick in a hospital. Take time out to make plans, to put things in order and guarantee a successful life. For me, my key to success is prayer. Someone once told me when I was preparing for my Year 6 SATS all those years ago, that ‘Prayerful Preparation Prevents Poor Performance’, and till this day, its stuck with me.

Now for all those doing exams, this is just a small bit of encouragement. You can do it and you will do it! Your success is guaranteed if you begin to put things for your future in place right now. And that’s me done, another long post -_-.


Yours Truly,

Praise’Gbemisola x



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