*allow me to introduce myself*

Yes, I’m aware that the time is 21:00 GMT lol, but I was loving my Sunday nap, a tad too much and totally forgot to post this earlier. As promised, myself and someone else are teaming up this month to share some thoughts on a topic. This week, there wasn’t a topic per say, but let me give you this insight, the whole concept of YOLO, ‘You Only Live Once’! Well, I took this saying into account this weekend and jumped on a coach to Leicester for a uni party/rave known as Barfest. Now, don’t get me wrong it was all fun, exciting etc. But also a massive L! My apologies to my older audience for my lingo, lol, a massive ‘L’ meaning a loss, for me it was a cash loss. See, the whole YOLO lifestyle comes with its positives and negatives, and for me that was mine. And well my mystery blogger this month has a somewhat contrary argument and great analogy.. But first.

Allow them to introduce themselves 🙂 (be nice guys, it’s a lil scary writing to all you peeps) . P.S. It’s gunna be a long one….

‘So boom.
As I’m about to write this, I’m taking a small amount of amusement in the fact that you have no clue of my identity at all. All I am to you guys at this very moment is just an anonymous perspective, a masked opinion, or if you like – a random point of view. In other words I want you guys not to think of me as person typing behind a screen right now, but just as a voice, and in order to make this easier I’ll just name myself after the title of each topic.
So without further ado – *allow me to reintroduce myself my name is ‘THE BLUE PILL OR THE RED PILL?’* 

Alright! So you’ve probably heard that line about the blue pill, red pill stuff before in what happens to be one of my favourite films ‘The Matrix’ (If you haven’t seen it before sorry for you, but try to when you have time, but if you know, then you know). I just want to turn that phrase into a small metaphore before I build up my point, so please bear with me.

Anyway, the idea here is that there are 2 available pills. The blue pill is very exciting because it’s quick to digest and could… allow you to achieve self satisfaction and some happiness from your actions in the short run, (so basically choosing blue means doing what you want to do, because you desire to, without thinking of the outcome). But there’s 1 possible side effect from the blue pill which is……. regret. 

The red pill is a bit less exciting and takes a bit longer to digest, which is a downer, BUT ‘WILL!’ allow you to achieve self satisfaction & confidence in your decisions you make in the long run, (so basically being confident that you chose the best option because you thought about it, regardless of what you desired).. And it has no side effect as painful as regret.

Yes you guessed it, my point is about choices. Our WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE is based on choices – from whether to turn left or right, to which university to apply for, or what food to eat etc. – all the way to the career path we choose or who to marry. We must also understand that every single little choice we make WILL! Have an outcome no matter how small it is, and whether that outcome is good or bad is up to us.
So if ‘choices’ affect our WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE… Why are we not more serious about them? Surely we should spend a bit more time trying to make the correct ones right? 

If we choose the blue pill and digest decisions quickly based on how we feel or our desires, although we may be happy in the short run there’s a higher risk involved that the decision you make is more wrong than it is right, which will lead to regret or may even affect others around us negatively L. In the future we don’t want to regret a bad choice we made years ago just because it made us ‘happy’ in the moment. However, if you take the red pill then you shouldn’t experience the side effect of regret (that is.. if you took it properly), because it should mean that you’re taking a bit longer to digest your decisions properly before acting, and your actions aren’t based solely on how you feel, what you want or what will give you happiness in the short run, but instead what would benefit your life most and others around you most. 

Another twist we have to consider after making the decision to think before we act, is that making the correct choice is always the hardest and may not make you as happy as the blue pill in the short run but we have to remember that happiness is temporary. It runs out when you stop feeding it your wants and desires. But the reward you gain from making the correct choice is greater. How Ironic, because I’m probably the last person to be writing about correct choices but at the same time I’m a working progress too. I came up with a small abbreviation to drum into my head to better my decision making on a daily, which you guys can use as well. 

E.B.A – ‘evaluate before action’. It’s quick and easy to use, but we have to be consistent for it to work… so before you act, just think ‘EBA’.

We can sit back and say at the end of the day “oh it’s just life, we make bad choices sometimes but we learn from it”. Yes… that statement is definitely spot on in a sense, especially in most of our lives, but at the same time we can reduce the significance of that statement in our lives by replacing the word ‘sometimes’ in that sentence, with the word ‘rarely’ – only if we evaluate our decisions before action. 

So my last note is for the aff’s out there -I’m guessing if you’re more of a pounded yam person, today is the day you chose E.B.A. ‘

Yours Truly,

Praise’ Gbemisola x



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