Yes another late post coming from me, my apologies guys, but here’s a sweet lil post for all you loved up fellows.

Now first, *Allow me to introduce myself *

But before I do, will you be my valentine?

Boom, on this ‘LOVE’ly day, I just wanted to share a quick opinion on the blackhole of a topic which is relationships. Now the first idea I wanted to address from a guys perspective, is an idiom you’ll all be familiar with (especially on a day like this) –
‘omg what did (HE) do for you?’ Or ‘omg what did (HE) get you?’ Why is it never what (SHE) did for you?
Now dont get me wrong, personally, I’ve always thought that men typically should be big contributers in a relationship (physically & mentally & all that……) – make her comfortable, support her, shower her with gifts & more to make her happy.
But at the same time it works both ways.
If I give you 100% of myself and you only give me 50% of yourself back then I’ve lost half of myself.
It means I’m 50% less complete than when I gave to you.
In a relationship you’re BOTH meant to complete each other – give back the same percentage your other half gives you and even more as well. If that system continues then you’ll both never be incomplete and neither will your relationship.
Also, if it’s ‘love’ you wont need to calculate, – the amount to give will just be second nature to you.

Yes, so you’ve all realised, the cat is finally out of the bag, its actually been a male that has been writing to you for the past 2 weeks. Weird right? But here’s my take on things.

For all you lovers out there, Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

What a time to be alive and loved? Best feeling eh? I’m hoping between unwrapping your gifts, reading your cards, eating your chocolates, going to your lunches and dinners you can find just a lil’ bit of time to read this post today dedicated to those who have made the commitment to love and be loved. LOL, without going into tooo much detail into my own relationship status in a bid not to jinx anything, this V’day has probably been my best one yet, why? Well that’s for me to know and you not to find out just yet LOL.

Anyways, as you all know I have a habit of rambling and making each post incredibly L O N G. Well not today, I too want to spend time with my loved ones, even though I’m at university, and appreciate the gift of love. Now, this post has been inspired by my Pastor at church in Uni. Shout out to Pastor Dan!

So lets cut straight to it, the other voice on the blog spoke about always thinking about ‘What (HE) did for you or What (HE) gave you’, and I hate to say it females, we are quite guilty of this. Its so easy to get caught up in the material things, lust over the things a guy can give you or you can receive. That takes me to a sermon we had in church a few weeks ago, the idea of love vs lust. And still being in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. I want to just try to evaluate it.

Now love verses lust. The true meaning of love for me is hard to define, however I realise that when you love someone or something you need to do something. Love is a decision and actually not a feeling, love is constant, it doesn’t change. In essence it is actually a process of elimination to get to love, the survival of the fittest, but the most important thing is love GIVES. Like I said before, us females, girls, women, we often lust after things we can be given, the things he can reward you with, the things he can shower you with but the sad truth is when the lust runs out, what are you left with? You see, lust is unintentional, there’s no effort required, its involuntary, it just happens, lust is now but sadly lust never gives, it TAKES. Pretty deep I know, but sometimes we need to look at ourselves, especially on days like this and realise that the beauty is not in receiving, its in giving. Love is a deliberate, intentional pursuit done consciencely and intentionally characterized by deliberation. Now ladies and even men, we are worth far more than unintentional gifts, effortless pursuits, we are GEMS!

Now make the decision to start with yourself, love starts from ourselves. We can then be open to love and be loved. And for all you singletons out there, use this day as an opportunity to express your appreciation and show your love to your family and friends. And don’t worry, by next year I’m sure you’ll all be wifey’d up and chilling with bae and what not!


Once again, Happy Valentines Day Y’all!



Yours Truly,



Praise’Gbemisola x


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