So guys, here we have it, the final edition to this whole ‘allow me to introduce myself’ series. It’s been such an interesting journey, being able to share with you and have someone else present their views too! It’s true what they say, two is better than one. But unfortunately today marks the end  of this for now anyways! A shoutout to my anonymous blogger, who in fact was a male, thanks so much! But today I’m switching it up abit, and teaming up with my childhood friend for this final post.

But wait,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone who views this blog, I’ve had over 1,000 viewers not even to talk of views which I’ve now hit the 3K mark! Woooooop woooooop. Who would have thought it eyyyy? Lil’ old me, small girl from a small town on the outskirts of London, who started this as a bit of fun! But on a serious note thank you all! Now for all you new peeps that are flicking through this for the first time, please, just please….
‘Allow me to introduce myself’ for the final time 😦 Today I had a lightbulb moment, well not today exactly but the other day. I was fortunate enough to attend the Big Clash a game show between universities and my uni just happened to be in it! And my God, guys it was  A M A Z I N G! Like I can’t even put it into words, absolutely amazing, better than any event I’ve been to. The energy, the vibe, the crowd, presenter, contestants! The atmosphere was electric and you couldn’t help but stand up and scream and get involved! And may I just add, we WON! Shout out team AU, this is for you guys. So, okay let me calm down a bit. It’s funny because they have a phrase they use in the game show “Positivity breeds happiness”! And it’s so true guys’ so today…


Allow me to introduce myself as positive vs negative! “.


Wow, so this was very last minute so I’m going to be very brief and to the point. As much as people love to promote positivity, negativity is inevitable. There will always be something that goes wrong, always a friend that turns their back on you and always people that will discourage you. HOWEVER, the key to live a positive life is dependent on how you handle the negative situations. 80% of what happens to you in life is as a result of the choices and decisions you make. You may have already noticed that life is not one straight path, things will block and fall in your path , despite the blockages you still need to keep moving forward. Life is unfair, deal with it. Bad things happen to good people , deal with it. Things don’t always go to plan , deal with it. The answer is to accept that there are blockages and let downs and find a way to overcome them. Life is full of lessons , what you may think is a let down could be God preparing you for something great. I can definitely say that some of the toughest situations brought about a stronger and wiser me. Sometimes we must go through things so we can know directly how to avoid similar situations in the future. If you don’t want to listen to good advice then you must feel the pain so you will understand. Many of us spend our time complaining about situations when we should be looking for solutions , staying stagnant when we should be making movements. From today learn to embrace change , for change is the only thing this world promises.

Now guys, this is me talking now, positivity is something hard to express at times, but it’s essential.Positivity makes way for happiness. Happiness is a feeling, a mental state of well being defined by positive or pleasant emotions which ranges from contentment to intense joy! But you see joy yeah, to me it’s a lifestyle! A state of complete, constant happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying! Now ever wonder what you have to be joyous about? Well here’s one, cliche I know but the fact you’re alive and breathing. Yeah, its so easy to adopt a negative mindset, to have that default screw face, to always be the realist in every situation. But you see, being down hearted, sad, pessimistic or realistic as you ‘smart’ people like to call it isn’t actually good. Rather than being realistic, be an activist. Activate your mind into thinking positively, activate your emotions to only bring forth happiness and joy, activate your life into taking advantage of every opportunity you come across and making the best of every situation.

Now, I have  a lil’ something for y’all, you can thank me later. If at any point you’re feeling even a tad bit sad or down in the dumps, please check out my girls YouTube channel ‘MsNigeria’, and I can assure you, you will laugh and see the good in that bad situation!


Now remember,

‘Positivity breeds Happiness’.




Yours Truly,

Praise’Gbemisola x


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