It was a late Saturday evening or early morning to be exact, and my dear friend insomnia came to visit.  Now you see insomnia, as she does tends to show up unannounced, and when she does appear for some reason, she finds it so hard to leave. Now I don’t know if that’s because I’m good company or the fact she is actually just a nuisance but it just seems like there’s no getting rid of her *rolls eyes*. Well thanks to her, I now have upgraded from carrying bags under my eyes to full sized cabin luggage, so embarrassing but nothing a stroke of concealer can’t hide. I guess it’s the night shift eyyy? 😏

Did you like what I did there? Just thought to practice my English language abit, what do you guys think? You see, the thing that’s hard about blogging, especially in uni, is that most of your thoughts or the lessons you’ve learnt tend to Center around deadlines, group work or annoying flatmates (but luckily I was blessed with a great bunch). So in that sense, finding things to write that are meaningful and lessons can be drawn from can be quite difficult. However…. Last night, I was on the phone to a ‘friend’ and we were having a conversation about one’s self. Myself and the individual were discussing how some people lose themselves in relationships. And for me, as that is an avenue I would like to journey down eventually.. A relationship that is, my goal this year was to find myself and establish myself in order to become the individual I aspire to be. And during the conversation, Unknown to the person, I began jotting down some key points. 

1) The greatest and most expensive asset you can ever own is yourself – to be in total control of yourself, your emotions, decisions is the richest thing. Think about it, putting people in control of your finances for example provides them with so much wealth.

2) Change only happens if you allow it, an individual can’t change, they develop – If you’re not willing to change, change will not occur, nobody can make you change in the same way, you can’t change anyone.

3) For you to lose yourself, you’ll be naive to the ways of time/ unexpected movement of time – Time reveals all, you don’t know what time will tell you.

4) The only person that can tell you you’ve changed is yourself, you’ve lived with yourself for how many years – You know yourself better than anyone else, you’ve lived in your body, been subject to the same mind and been controlled by the same emotions by however long, so only you know. People can only notice the development whether positive or negative in your character.

Now for me, examining one’s S E L F is essential! And yes today’s post is different and a somewhat short one, as I don’t want to bombard you with too much but for me the stage I am in my life, constantly growing, developing, learning, at times I have to sit down and look at my S E L F in the mirror. I want to work on my S E L F in order to be the best version of my S E L F, so that when people come in contact with me, male or female, friendship or relationship, they will see me and strive to be better due to the extent I’ve gone to, to  work and improve my character. Someone told me, in life 33% of people you meet and develop relationships with will be below you, 33% will be on your same level and the remaining 33% will be ahead of you! I want to fall into the last category and be the 33% people strive and work towards being like. I shouldn’t have to loose myself in a relationship, or miss my way in a friendship and most of all, I don’t want to fall short of fulfilling the plan and purpose for my life due to bad management of my S E L F.

The one thing we are in control of in this life is one’s S E L F! The only thing we have control to change, control to develop and control of in general. Today make it a mission to be yourself, be unchanged in relationships, unmoved in the company of less minded people, unshaken in the hardships of life!
Once you do that you’ll  be the wealthiest individual in the world because you own the greatest asset, you’ve made the best investment and you’ve gained the largest profit, your S E L F.

Yours truly,

Praise’Gbemisola X 


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