Where do we go from here? 

Even as I write this title, I feel a totally different feeling to how I felt when I addressed the last post to you all. The last post was somewhat melancholy, quite dull, pretty depressing if I say so but very brutally honest. This title is one of my most used phrases, the phrase I always seem to find slipping out of my mouth unconciously. If only you guys could be there when I utter these words, you’ll probably find yourself in a fit of giggles like I often do but let me keep this short and sweet.

I ended my last post explaining how I received a nudge or like a reality check concerning this blog. And to be honest, I was addressing my last and final blog post to you all expressing how I would no longer be writing to you. In the few months that I have been absent on here, I have been messaged, emailed, text or at times approached about my blog and how interesting/insightful it is, and although many times I overlooked it and brushed off the compliment, I recently realised maybe it wasn’t yet time to give up completely.

Confusion is probably racing through your heads right now, but let me clarify everything for you. Or rather explain in greater detail. I was recently contacted by the former ACS President in my uni about an opportunity and role he thought I would be suitable for, baring in mind my blog wasn’t something a lot of people in my uni knew about. Either way, he presented me with a great opportunity to join a group of writers from different backgrounds and different institutions of education to showcase not only the talent of African-Carribeans in modern Britain but also display their potential and build a platform of unity for ACS groups all over the country. This opportunity was one I could not refuse and one that deeply deeply humbled me. I felt so blessed and still feel so blessed to be selected and I am desperately looking forward to expressing myself on a larger platform. Now don’t get me wrong, I know this won’t be easy, and it will be a challenge in itself but it’s something I’m willing to take the risk with. Being real, honest and open is something I struggled with previously on my blog but on this new site, I will be so transparent and vulnerable in topics relating to relationships with the opposite sex as well as friendships and also my love for TV. Now without giving too much away, further details regarding when and where I will be posting my accounts will follow in future and I invite you all to join me on this new journey.

So, the question, where do we go from here? Well, we go onto bigger and hopefully better opportunities, we go on to a brand, the ‘It’s only PG’ brand but we don’t forget what started it all, my humble beginnings. So no, I am not stopping writing completely but limiting posts on this blog site to once a month with an additional post on my new platform. I will try my hardest and endeavour to keep to my promises, even though in the past I have been unfaithful.

I hope you all are as excited as I am!
Yours Truly,
Praise’Gbemisola X


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