The Eleventh Hour 

Here we have it, the last month of this year.

11 months have passed, 339 out of 366 days have been completed, 92% of this year is done! We have 648 hours left or 38,800 minutes or to take it even further 2,332,800 seconds left. Wow! *flags off the steam coming from head*. A quick, fun bit of mathematics for you but eyyy, where’s all the time gone? I don’t know about you but my 2016 literally flew by. And it brings us here….. to the final days of the year.
It’s funny how when we reach this point, everyone just looks forward to the festivities that are to come, Christmas Day lunch, Boxing Day shopping, New Year’s Eve parties and New Years Day spent with family and friends! And don’t get me wrong, I was always that person. I desperately looked forward to concluding this term of my academic year in uni, actually looked forward to the 2 and a half hour journey home to be greeted with Christmas decorations and the comforting smell of home cooking! Having said this, this year has been a bit different for me. A whirlwind to say the least. Filled with too many lows, too many disappointments, too many trials all up against the occasional joyous moments, limited achievements and successes. It’s been such an emotional roller coaster, and some would say unfortunately this ride has not come to an end. It’s not over!


Now, this post is quite difficult to write because apart from being absent from this blog site for a while, I tend to write on lessons I’ve drawn from situations in my life, however, this lesson is one I am still currently learning or one I’m in the process of attempting to incorporate it into my life. You see, the one thing we have as this year draws to a close is time, limited yes but it’s still there for us. Something we can still tap into.  And that brings us to back to the title.


T H E   E L E V E N T H   H O U R


But what exactly is the ‘Eleventh hour’ or what is an ‘Eleventh hour miracle’?

The eleventh hour is the last hour of the day, the latest possible time, the last minute, the final time something can happen.

But how exactly does this relate to the point we are in the year? As the new year slowly creeps up on us, this final month serves as an ultimatum for something to happen or not, it stands as a specific time of change, the last opportunity before the result of a dire event, in our case the highly anticipated new year, 2017. For me, this month of December served as a final pillar of hope. An opportunity to get things right, right with myself before the end of the year and an opportunity  to not dwell on my failures and struggles but on the new opportunities and possibilities that can still arise in the coming weeks. A chance to look over my resolutions, my plans and my goals and frantically endeavor to still achieve and complete as many as I can. It’s so easy to dwell on the last tough 11 months, rather than looking positively into the last remaining month and potentially completing things that you couldn’t in the months prior. The eleventh hour for me, is the light at the end of such a long long tunnel.

The Bible even has a story on the Eleventh Hour Miracle in Matthew 20:2-16, where workers were hired at different times of the day. A specific group of workers were hired at the 11th hour of the workday and were still paid a full days wage. Seems unfair, I know. But that just shows just how important this final month is. The workers could have drowned in their sorrows, given up hope, became frustrated with their situation. Nobody wants to go through the process of applying for a job, going to numerous interviews and only getting the job at the last-minute before an event you’re due to go to or a holiday you could’ve booked. But the beauty in the 11th hour is once you’ve entered it, you forget the times of agony, the tears, you forget everything and just hold on to this beam of light, or a paycheck in their case. What happens in the 11th hour basically eradicates everything that had gone wrong before, you leave with what you should and could’ve achieved in the times before, like the case of the workers or in some instances something even greater. A solution comes just in the nick of time.

So here’s what I leave you with. Some of the most interesting moments in life come when you are loosing hope. You get that 70% on the coursework you didn’t want to submit, you lose your job and get the job of your dreams, your tight on money and a gift shows up on your doorstep, you’ve been single forever and you meet the love of your life, you have nobody and then God shows himself ever-present in your life.
Don’t dwell on the past, awful 11 months of this year but look into the last remaining month of the year. What can you put right? What can you still achieve? Can you too have an 11th hour miracle? I’m sure you can. Don’t lose hope, the end is near. No pressure 😅.


Yours Truly,
Praise’Gbemisola x